Abinesserkatze or: my Contribution to #Caturday

Do you, too, know those words which, once learnt wrongly, stick forever in your mind wrong? “Abyssinian Cat” was one of those for me. I forever loved cats and was given books about cats from the moment I was able to read. They were usually lexica where every breed was introduced, generously illustrated, in alphabetical order.

The Abyssinian Cat was always first, and somehow, the word manifested in my head as Abinesserkatze. It was only when I broke to my sister that we were going to have such a beautiful creature to live with us that she explained that they were, in fact, called Abessinierkatze. I looked it up and was amazed that she was right. German language is notoriously hard, even for Germans.

The cat, whatever the name of her breed, came and is the most beautiful sight my eyes have ever beheld…

Amber on her perch in the conservatory
Catching a fly in the bathroom.

No, seriously. I know, she looks like you have shown her a sweety and then took it away without giving her some but she`s looking after a fly who once again went somewhere she could not get her.

Amber and her adopted brother Leo in our bed
Amber and Leo in our washing 🙂


No, of course, they aren`t allowed, which makes it even cuter!! I opened the door, which wasn`t shut properly, and that`s what I found…

Amber`s Abyssinian cat Feet


Leo looking daft when he plays
Leo looking daft when he sleeps
Leo and Amber Couple Shot


BONUS TRACK: Dudley, the Ragdoll

Dudley lives with our amazing cat sitter Christine, since Thursday. She actually didn`t want another cat again when her last one died (that`s why she took just about everybody else`s in for their holidays – and I can tell you, they get spoilt rotten!!!), but when she saw on the internet, that this beautiful chap was needing a new home, her heart just melted and the rest is, as they say, history…

I had to laugh when she told me what her sister said when she told her that she was getting him. “Does this mean that everything will be full of cat hair again???”

Ehem… Definitely, with this chap…

You can click the pictures to enhance their size. 🙂

My contribution to Volunteers Appreciation Week: Cat sitters (re-blog)

Every time we go away I`m immensely grateful for my wonderful cat sitter.

This was not always the case. At first, my brother in law came to our house, topped up her food, emptied her tray and then left without speaking to leave alone petting our baby girl, for he doesn`t really like cats. Then my husband`s niece came, and she stayed with her for a few hours, watching the telly, eating her dinner, and not cleaning up after herself before she left. At least, our cats were well cared for, but unfortunately, the niece`s priorities changed when she had her own (human) baby.

Then my friend`s cat died, and for various reasons, she didn`t want another one. First, I looked at her blankly when she said “Bring her to me when you go away!” But then I did, and she`s been going to her house ever since. She sleeps in her bed, in the little dip between the two pillows just where she sleeps in ours, and she eats from her plate (which she`s not allowed at home!), and rather well, too! She no longer wails in the car, and when she arrives, she`ll jump straight onto the bed to groom herself – a sign of comfort in cats.

In short: the two love and adore each other. Christine loves us going on holiday, and she`s keen for us to bring Kitti early and pick her up a few days after we came back. When Kitti caught mice during one of her visits (one was proudly and infamously delivered to the bed at 6am on a Sunday morning!), we left her for another few weeks just until we were confident that they were all gone, and when more droppings were found, we moved her back in for another week. If Kitti ever goes for good in a planned way, I`d want my friend to be there as I feel she loves her just as much as I do, and the same goes for the cat.

I`m just so grateful I never need to have guilty feelings for going away. Last year, there was a bit of an emergency which forced Christine to move house for a few weeks, and her own friend (whom I never met) happily took my cat as well as her. I received a WhatsApp picture of them all watching the World Cup Final together in a strange living room.

The photo`s are funny. The ones below were sent one each day of the holiday we just had. I still think she took them all within a couple of hours and then just spaced them out when she sent them.


Cats of Malta – Part II

I`ve never seen so many stray cats in one place as I did in St Julian`s. And all looked exceptionally healthy, glossy and well fed. In fact, we heard one rather amusing rant by a Russian waiter who complained that those cats were “the size of tigers” and people would do better buying rice for Africa rather than feeding them, as they could eat fish and raid bins.

One adorable thing we discovered in advance through the internet, is the cat village: This old lady has made a little sanctuary for cats in her own garden, and people are explicitly invited to feed and stroke the cats, leave food, toys or monetary donations. It wasn`t difficult to find:


I wish they had places like this on Crete, where most of the cats were really thin…

Our beautiful cats, at 7 Months old <3

Time again for a post dedicated to our beautiful Amber and Leo, who are both 7 (and 7 1/2) months old now, with us for four. They are both adorable, beautiful, loving, and very healthy, greedy cats, who each developed their own little personality. Leo was so timid when he came to us, but he has now transformed into a “proper” very attention seeking, noisy and VERY JEALOUS Siamese cat, who is glued to my hip most of the time. I can`t believe how big he`s getting! Sometimes, he already looks like an adult. Amber likes to be very independent during the day, but she slips under the cover in the early morning hours, purring and kneeding. She loves water and has taken to joining us into the bathroom demanding loads of cuddles on the carpet before we are allowed to do anything else… Love them to bits!!

My Feline`s Ashes

… is back. And now – what do we do with it? I have no idea.

Deep down, I would have preferred not receiving it back, but we`ve got the ashes of our two other cats, and it would have felt wrong not to ask for hers also.

When Emmy died, we were given the option of having her cremated together with other deceased pets, or on her own and then get the ashes back. The latter sounded comforting at the time and the former just heartless. There seemed to be just one right thing to do.

I however remember how I felt when the ashes returned. It was like losing her all over again. The little cardboard box seemed too tacky for its precious content, although I was touched by the printed condolescence card that accompanied it. It was my husband`s idea to open the little box and look inside it. The ashes was mainly white, but it had blue bits in it. Emmy was an Oriental Blue. I cried so hard, and I vowed never to look again. Because she never liked being in the garden, it did not feel appropriate to bury her there, so we kept her inside the house. When her beloved sister Saffy died a few years later, it felt natural to place her next to Emmy.

And now, there`s Kitti`s as well. She never really got on with Emmy and Saffy, and she loved being in the garden. I can`t however quite bring myself to bury her there, because I`d feel like we are favoring Emmy and Saffy for allowing them to stay inside the house.

A long time ago, I said when they are all gone, I`ll have a diamond ring made of all of their ashes, but I no longer feel the need. Jimmy suggested having them scattered together with ourselves, and I certainly don`t want to bequeathe them to anyone else.

Bottom line: Don`t start it. It may seem the right thing to do when you are first presented with the options, but it`ll just become a burden.

You may want to bury them in your garden, but even this can become a burden if you`re ever moving house. A friend of mine even asked her husband to dig up her cats and re-bury them in their humans` new home, but fortunately, she could be counselled out of this one.





Here she is, and I love this little thing so much already… I had cats all my life but never one that so instantly felt at home.

She arrived here about 5pm last night, came out of her box, had a good look around, ate something and then plaid for the rest of the day. I took her to our bed at night – didn`t expect her to stay, just wanted to show her where it is – but she lay between us and stayed, waking me up at 6am by brushing past my face, purring and wanting cuddled.

She very apparently didn`t know mirrors. It was so hard not to laugh when she was howling at her own reflection, tail all fluffed up and ears completely disappeared. I sat before the mirror and she was slowly walking round my leg, expecting the other cat behind it… I never saw anything like this outside youtube…

Oh, and she`s teaching me stuff on the computer. She walks over the key board, rearranges something, and I have to find out how to fix it: screen resolution, CRTL + ALT + (Arrow buttons). Latter is genious, though. Could do that as a prank at work…