I just Sold my First Photograph!!

imageimageYes – indeed: about a year or so after I started to really get into my photography (and sporadically publish them in various places online), someone has now paid money to get a license for my … smartphone photo of jellybeans…

Right now, I`m feeling really proud and accomplished, and I don`t care that I`m only getting a tiny cut, but the sheer fact that someone just paid at least £50.oo for my photo, my creativity, my… artwork, feels just amazing!!


I remember the story of that picture well.

I took it during my first face-to-face tutorial with the Open University, which took place in a hotel near Haymarket Train Station in Edinburgh last February. On our tables were, besides pen, paper and water, jelly beans. The young latecomer who sat beside me laughed as, before even eating a single one of them, I grabbed my smartphone (a Samsung Galaxy S 6 Edge) and photographed them from all angles. That`s when she decided she needed to get to know me, because she likes wacky people. We ended up going to the bus together, and on the journey home, I applied various filters to the best pic and uploaded it to both Instagram and EyeEm.

It was in May when I got an automated email from EyeEm saying that the photo had been selected for their Premium Collection, to be put up for sale on Getty Images. At the time, me and another friend were researching opportunities for selling photos online, and I found that most of those rather “big” sites have rather strict guidelines regarding quality. I never found mine on their site, and then forgot about it, although looked again a few months later, and it was there, beside two photos of my Siamese cat. (In fact, I had 8 pictures altogether selected for Premium Collection, but only those three published).

Anyway, on Tuesday, I got an email saying I sold it!!

The same night, I went to the birthday party of my wonderful Greek friend Mary, who sat beside me when I took the photograph! And she remembers it well, as it was the day we met and the reason she wanted to get to know me.

Aw, I`m happy, and dying to know who bought it and what for…

Lisbon Part IV: Random Impressions

Another old door and some interesting graffiti. I need to finally write about Porto and the graffiti we found over there…

Photo 27-02-2017, 11 16 50Photo 27-02-2017, 11 37 21Photo 27-02-2017, 11 39 08

More Tram no 28 – its so iconic, I just can`t stop photographing it. I`m forever waiting for my best shot ever…

Photo 27-02-2017, 12 48 55

Got photobombed when I tried a selfie with it. Seeing that they celebrated Carnival (although nothing as big as at home!) totally put me in the mood, and I felt silly enough to just walk into a shop and walk this huge pink bow to walk about with (insert: what became of it now…)

Photo 27-02-2017, 12 50 35image

Chestnuts in the street and sardinhas in shops (NB: The ones which were confiscated have arrived yesterday!! Exactly two weeks after the airport post box was supposed to have been emptied, I was getting really concerned that it got lost!!)

Photo 27-02-2017, 12 07 46Photo 27-02-2017, 12 53 48

Arcades at the main promenades and a beautiful display in front of an Italian restaurant. Sardinha Road.

Photo 27-02-2017, 13 26 16Photo 27-02-2017, 13 29 15Photo 27-02-2017, 15 32 18

Brazilian band playing at the beach.

Photo 27-02-2017, 15 20 20

Funnily, they were already playing there when we last visited in November.  The weather was particularly lovely then, and the band so good we bought the CD. I`ve got it in my car and should get it out again tomorrow…

… for summer is just around the corner… lol…



Lisbon 26-28 February 2017 – Part I

Yes, it`s totally worth going for only two days. With the inbound flight landing at 10.35am and the outbound flight leaving at 3pm, you`ll get a full 48 hours of fun. There`s a metro station right next to the airport, and we arrived in Chiado/Bairro Alto just about mid day, where we easily found our Air B&B accommodation within less than 10 minutes walk.


Ascensor da Bica – one of the most featured items in town, but I find it easy to see why…


Half way down, where you see the black and white cars, there is a little square and Bar Bica, where we enjoyed those drinks and the risotto featured on my twitter page.

I was surprised to see signs of carnival, which is really important at home (Rhineland in Germany) but so non existent where I live now (Scotland) that I almost forget about it.


First walk, rather refreshed with a glass of Sangria inside. The sky isn`t quite as blue as it was the last few times (November was like a Scottish summer!!), but we still discover charming little things which we don`t remember seeing before:


Other things are rather comfortingly familiar and didn`t have my lense on them for the first time, but those are the sights for which I love this city so much…






To me, the whole place is a piece of art which never ceases to inspire me!

Just walking through this beautiful place and observing its people and their homes, I could even formulate the answer to one of the most annoying comments I received in a while (which left me speechless at the time), but needless to say, the topic was never revisited, which left me ever so slightly frustrated :-/

The quiet little square in the Alfama where we stayed for our first three visits. I always feel a bit sad when I go there, thinking I should still be looking out to that from my window, but prices for accommodation vary, and those places were just too expensive.  There always seem to be more cats than people on this square, and the maire has built them little hutches to encourage them to stay and keep the rats away. I`m sure I photographed this guy before:


My latest thing is videoing, but please bear with the beginner…

A Study of my Drink (A Blog about Photography)

I have a confession to make: I`m a serial offender for ordering my food and drinks for their looks, so I can photograph and, if I find them particularly appealing, post them on social media.

The prices in certain places used to annoy me, but ever since I started photographing, I have become more lenient, considering all the added value I`m getting.

Worst thing (apart from dealing with the impatience of fellow diners) is usually to determine which ones of all those many shots of the same thing are actually any good. The following are 10 out of 29 shots of the same white sangria I enjoyed in our favourite wine bar in Lisbon at the weekend – Bar Bica half way through, and with a stunning view onto, the very famous and much photographed Ascensor da Bica (and with free WiFi seducing you to post the first picture right away, which, of course, I did :-))


All photos were made on an Iphone 7 Plus (with the background blurring portrait mode, which was a major selling point) and, apart from Chrome and said Portrait Mode, not edited.

Feedback would be much appreciated – while I do think I progressed in both technicque and composition, I often seem to have no idea of what a good photo is. (It always amazes me on Instagram how people like the pics I was not sure about and almost ignore thoe ones I`m particularly pleased with).

Lifestyle Month: Wardrobe Boredom

As my longer term readers may remember, I was on a lengthy no-shopping mission last year. Nevertheless, I get bored, which is when I`m usually looking to adding a few items. After some generally unsuccessful visits to charity shops, I finally came up with the following two cheats:

1. Dyeing my old Clothes

Suitable for things which still fit and are in a good condition. Works best with natural fabrics which are light in colour – it is not recommended to dye an item lighter than it was originally, as you cannot anticipate the outcome (other than that it`ll not be as advertised).

Seams don`t always take the new colour, because they are synthethic – I like the contrast as in the red skirt below, which still has its original blue seams, but this may not always desired. Also, you may not always get exactly the colour you bought if it`s so different from the original colour (same item – was hoping for plum, but still ended up happy:-)).

The white blouse had become just a bit too grey over the years but was otherwise still in good condition, and dying it makes it feel and look like new again.

White items, which may have become a bit too grey (as the blouse pictured below) are great to dye, as they take on any colour really vibrantly.

I particularly like the fact that I`m not adding to or taking away from the size of my wardrobe, but still getting one new thing for each old one for about £5.99. I wish I could be motivated to change buttons, but right now, while writing this line, I think I may give this a go… watch this space…


2. Design my own

I was looking for some more T-shirts but couldn`t find any at all that I liked. Eventually, I remembered this shop here: Their T-Shirts are so customisable I felt overwhelmed by choice (style and colour of T-Shirt, colour, font and direction of text, size of picture, border or not, where is the motif going to be placed and will there be something on the back and arms as well?), and it was a project which fitted in beautifully with my desire to start doing a bit more with my own photography. I even designed my own logo, which I placed on the back of each creation, between the shoulder blades.

For the highest available quality, I paid just over £20.oo each, they kept their colour, print and shape after a lot of wear, and apart from being unique, the Siamese cat T-Shirt especially is a great talking point – I feel properly proud to tell people that`s my own cat, and on the back, it actually says #catenvy underneath the logo.



Jerusalem: Temple Dome (Dome of the Rock) and Dress Codess

Today, I`m going to show you the photos I took of the breathtaking, and very important, Dome of the Rock.

I don`t usually spend much time photographing things that have been snapped and seen million times before, but this monument was so amazing, I don` t think any picture will ever give it justice:


Unfortunately, you cannot get in, but it is hard to imagine that it can be even more stunning than on the outside. The whole bottom bit seems of solid marble, an the top half has been designed from what must be millions of small mosaic plates, with some beautiful writing right under the roof.

The square around the dome is huge and inhabited by at least two cats, there is a mosque (which is in use, and which I could look into) and some nice views over the city, as it is indeed located on a rock.

One thing I found rather embarrassing was that I was asked to cover up. Of course, I checked in advance and felt that I looked quite acceptable in my long dress that also covered shoulder and upper arms, but I was taken aside as soon as I arrived and send to a “clothing station” where I was, for a small fee, appropriately kitted out with an even longer and thicker skirt and a shawl. My own skirt, I was told by the men who were very obvously there to enforce the dress codes, was not opaque enough and still revealed my legs. I never felt so naked as I did when I was walking the walk of shame to the clothing station, and that feeling stayed with me all day.

It didn` t take me long to discover that I felt safer in more fabric on me in this city. I didn` t bring anything too revealing, anyway, but on my first day, I was wearing a short skirt and felt everyone was looking at me. I once even made a u-turn, because I felt I had all eyes on me (although noone ever said anything apart from the men at the temple dome). When I was wearing more fabric, on the contrary, I felt very pleasantly invisible – I could go whereever I want, not draw any attention to myself and merrily enjoy my day without having to be mindful about who I was speaking to.

I` m very much someone who likes to feel the sun on her skin and get a tan when on holiday, but experiencing such an environment first hand made me appreciate a lot more why women may chose to dress in a way that does not draw any attention to their bodies. And, contrary to my preconceptions, I was not getting too hot either 🙂


Photo Editing: Graffiti

I love being creative with photo editing software, and I was rather happy when the topic came up in comments! I love making a seemingly plain motives look striking, and I love looking for inspiring things in the street and thinking what could become of them.

Here is a piece of street art I found in Lisbon – a smartphone picture that I first brightened up using Samsung`s own auto enhancer and then used PicsArt to get a bit creative with it.



just Auto enhance and Vignette (Samsung`s own):

2014-12-22 17.56.58




On Criticism and Photography

On Criticism

“Now that we are more aware of how destructive criticism can be, most people are putting more thought into their words. Ever so often however, it still strikes me how insensitive the other group can be.

Art is very personal and one of the things where I`ve always been reluctant to say I dislike it. I was going to do a photography project with a a friend last year, but I abandoned it quickly, because there was one person who regularly and very warmly praised my friends`work while equally constantly and rather mercilessly slagging mine: “You can`t see a thing!” – “All I see is a tree there in the corner, but what`s the rest?” – “Much too bright, makes my eyes hurt!” – “As usual, it`s photoshopped to death! Can anybody recognize anything at all, as I certainly can`t, just a blur…”

In my heart of hearts, I realized that our photography styles are very different, and what we were dealing with was simply a matter of personal preference. However, I didn`t take well to those words, and to this day, I`m still reluctant to show my work again. Which annoys me, as I`m proud of it. It shouldn`t matter that that one person doesn`t like it, and it shouldn`t be my problem that she doesn`t know how to say so in a kinder way. (Actually, if you have nothing nice to say, and you`re not asked for an opinion, I`d rather say nothing).”

On Photography

The piece above was written 10 months ago, on 25 August 2015, and of course I wrote it because I was annoyed at and wanted to overcome my own reluctance to publish my things.

Mainly for confidence, I bought a proper camera, did a course in digital photography and otherwise did what I like best: photoshop everything, and the creative rather than the remedial way.

And I started to upload the results not to where others keep theirs plain, but to where editing is explicitly desired. I started out with Instagram and then became bolder and shared my pics on facebook and twitter at the same time. Friends continued to like rather than slag them, so I started to upload them on on other platforms as well- platforms whose free filters and editing software I use (and who I want to give back to), and I quickly got kinda stuck with EyeEm, because that`s where I am most inspired by other contributors` work. They also allows me to simultaneously share on facebook and twitter, and I had some wonderful feedback from friends as well as strangers. There`s nothing quite like waking up to yet another re-tweet of one of your photos!!

At least, until that happened…

Unfortunately, the first one will probably not be published anywhere else because it`s a smartphone photo which will no longer look sharp when blown up (a criterium for Alamy, and probably Getty as well, but it feels great to have your work recognised like that. ❤ ❤ ❤

Yarn bombing in Musselburgh

I`ve come across this kind of street art before, and I now discovered that it even has a name: Yarn bombing.

Yarn bombing seems to be trending as an alternative to graffiti – always cheerful and peaceful, never aggressive and obscene, and I also think it spreads an air of generosity. After all, someone has spent a lot of time and money making those pretty little things, often very evidently with a lot of love, and then they take them to public spaces for everybody to enjoy. Feminine is a good word that springs to my mind (while I always associated graffiti with masculinity).

This is part of those which can be admired in my town at the moment:


Photos from others also show a line of fish which has been draped around a boat at the harbour, so need to go back and have another look…