Obviously, I still don`t quite understand charity in Britain. My colleague has been around the village fundraising, and she came back upset because she left one small shop empty handed. It was not that they didn`t offer her anything, they just couldn`t establish who could make a decision.

“She`s looking for a wee donation…” one of the ladies said into a telephone, and my colleague self reported interfering: “No, it`s NOT just a wee donation, I am looking for, I showed you a letter on headed paper from (our organisation)!” I bet she shouted. The lady offered to take her phone number, but my colleague proudly cited herself: “It`s alright, don`t bother, but thank you for your support to your community!”

But it`s voluntary… Or isn`t it?


11 thoughts on “Charity

    • culbia says:

      Rest assured, so would I. And while she really is as good as gold she does come over as aggressive.

      But this is Britain. If approached personally, there is a moral obligation to give, otherwise you have to accept being branded a bad person. She told everybody who it was, just as well she is not on social media.

      And you know what it was for? Prizes for our tombola. Not even an earthquake, or the like. But she was so angry, you wouldn`t believe it.

      PS: I have, a long time ago, made a decision for myself on which kind of causes to support and which ones not to. If I explain that, not even the closest of friends take offence. BTW, I`d hate fundraising, it would be a deal breaker for me re going for jobs…


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