Sicily: Hotel Food

We travelled half board and had breakfast and dinner at the hotel.

Some reviewers on Tripadvisor were commenting about the frequent repetition of some dishes, but I cannot possibly see what`s wrong with that when there is so much choice, and everything is so delicious!

The breakfast bar includes all the usual item including a vegan counter, champagne (see that before, but you`d pay a small surcharge – here, it was free) and cake:



Dinner was three different meat and two different fish dishes, two soups, five pasta (incl risotti) with additional oils with various flavours, two counters of salads with a huge selection of dressings, three of cooked antipasti (warm and cold), lots of bread, one couter with raw fruit, two with cakes and one with icre cream:


Further full lunches, snacks and drinks were available at really reasonable prices at the pool, and we treated ourselves twice to their amazing house salad (EUR 6.oo), which came with five rolls and so was enough for two people.


We like to go out for food when abroad, but actually, we didn`t (apart from the trip to Mount Etna, which included a lunch), apart from a few ice creams and a sandwich (which was easily beaten by the ones in the hotel!)

Really recommending Hotel Olimpo, of which there will be pictures of the lovely views and sceneries shortly…


5 thoughts on “Sicily: Hotel Food

    • culbia says:

      Ja? Was gefaellt Dir denn da nicht? Der Salat? Er war halt schon angebrochen, ich haette da puenktlich um sieben Uhr kommen muessen um den “frisch” zu knipsen…


      • Lilith says:

        Der Müll, die stellenweise dunklen Flecken in den Fugen der Kacheln, wo alles drauf steht, die aufgerissenen Packungen in der veganen Ecke und besonders das angedetschte Obst. Der Salat sieht noch am besten aus.


        • culbia says:

          Ja, die Fliesen sind sehr altmodisch. Ich fand es schoen (rustikal, auf italienische Art), aber wenn auch das wurde auf Tripadvisor sehr bemaenget.


          • Lilith says:

            Das altmodische ist nicht mein Kritikpunkt, die Fugen sind schmutzig und da steht Essen drauf, das finde ich fies. Das kann man mit Fugenfarbe schnell hinbekommen.


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