Memories from Crete

I can`t believe this holiday was more than 7 months ago (September last year) and I have still not posted any pictures of it. I wasn`t going to, for it was our third time to Agios Nikolaos, Crete. You kind of run out of things to photograph, but I have progressed since our last visit (in both equipment and composition of my photograph), and I have quite a few followers here, who are interested in travel pictures.

Our previous visits were always July, but last year, we went in September, when the weather was just about to turn – it was no longer as hot, but, apart from one shower of rain, still beautifully warm – we spent most of our time at the beach or pool (as said – third time!), no longer needing shade and swimming in the sea, and the other half still took a proper sunburn for not using sun lotion!

Our first walk round the place… bush rose petals being swirled around by the wind, and me against a white wall, once again scarily looking like my mum.


This is where we went in the evenings, when the sun was gone, but when it was still too early to go out and enjoy the night life:


And here`s the reason… When in Southern Europe, I`m forever photographing cats – and those ones were beautiful, glossy, and very well cared for. In Chania, on the other side of Crete, we met a couple from Birmingham who purposely took ham from the breakfast buffet and then went out looking for cats. The woman invited us along, but here`s my husband`s limits…


A day out in Elounda – beautiful place, which I definitely recommend fitting in!



Fisherman in Agios Nikolaos plus cat (who we actually saw bagging a head :-):


… and we actually had a day of rain:


Drinks by the pool… I never drink Campari Orange (or any other cocktails apart from Capirinha) at home, but abroad, I somehow fancy things like that…


One beach pic – just one:


This is where we spent most of our time, actually – relaxing, being warm, drinking chilled white wine and swimming in the sea…

(as ever, holiday booked with EasyJet Holidays. Good bargain at this time of year, and notably less busy, though still nice and lively…)


14 thoughts on “Memories from Crete

  1. Berta says:

    Du bist eine sehr schöne Frau. 🙂 Und deine Bilder sind ebenfalls sehr schön. Mir gefällt jedes einzelne. Aber besonders spricht mich das Schwarz-Weiss-Foto mit der Katze an.

    Liked by 1 person

    • culbia says:

      Danke. 🙂 Es war ein Farbfoto, aber auch mir gefaellt es in Schwarz-Weiss einfach unvergleichlich viel besser… Dabei hat das Tier strahlendgruene Augen…


    • culbia says:

      Meinst Du? Dieses? Fuer mich eher das Foto vom gedeckten Tisch unmittelbaar am Wasser, mit den Booten… Das ist so ein toller Tisch, an dem wir auch vor zwei Jahren schon mal gesessen haben… noch lange nachdem die Tintenfische aufgegessen waren, mit einem weiteren Glas eisgekuehltem Weisswein und einem weiteren Bier…


  2. Paleica says:

    oh wie schön! kreta hab ich auch irgendwo auf der agenda, wie samos und rhodos, paros und santorin. ach allein griechenland kann schon jahre des sommerurlaubs füllen!


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