Me and my Hoarder

Me: This set of cutlery is missing two knives and one spoons. I`d like to get rid of it and get out the nice set – the one which is in the box, in the cupboard…

My hoarder (alarmed!): Tthat`s the GOOD one!!

Me: Yes, I know.

My hoarder (looks at me in disbelief): So…

Me (saw it coming and was ready for it): Before you say no, can I ask you something?

My hoarder: Sure…

Me: When did you get the good set?

My hoarder: My wedding. The first one.

Me: How long ago was that?

My hoarder (eventually): 46 years ago.

Me: And who gave you the good cutlery set?

My hoarder: Cannae remember.

Me: But what do you think they wanted you to do with it?

My hoarder (laughs)

Me: Keep it in a cupboard for 46 years because it`s too good to use? Like – till you drop?

My hoarder (laughs harder)

Me: Or did they want you to use and enjoy it?

My hoarder (howling, unable to answer)

So I take it that`s a yes. He can come round, which is why we are compatible, after all…




5 thoughts on “Me and my Hoarder

  1. Wendy says:

    I have a good one in the drawer too… You know – these things they start to collect for your wedding… “Aussteuer”.

    I choose a design I would not take anymore. So I nearly never use it.

    A few years ago I decided I want to have silverplated cutlery for every day and learned it is cheaper than stainless steel if you buy on eBay.

    I bought the same classic design my mother has since her wedding and I use it day by day. I have it for 12 persons. And if there are more guests, than I am able to use the “good one”.
    Fortunately we never started to buy china for special occasions…


    • culbia says:

      In 46 years, my husband reckons he`s used this cutlery about 12 times. I`ve been with him for 17 years and never had the pleasure. It doesn`t deserve that – it deserves to be used and cherished, and if it gets a few battle scars, that`s life as we know it, too… But tonight, I came home (he was at yoga) made my dinner, wanted to get a fork and knife, and I`ll upload what I found from my mobile in a separate comment… He did that himself *the next day* while I was at work. AND already gave the old set to the charity shop. I`m beyond impressed (and considering that he reads my blog)

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      • Wendy says:

        That´s what I think: You should do everything possible to make every day nice. Why “saving household items for special days”. Every day should be special. And nice things should be used everyday. And for the savvy ones (some people think “it was to expensive to use it everyday”): If something was very expensive you should use it more than ever to amortize the price 🙂
        If you keep it unused in the cupboard it is just an expensive dust collector.

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