Please Praise the Chef! and: A Restaurant Review

Last night, we`ve been to Dal Patino again, a new and wonderful Italian Restaurant, which recently opened here in Musselburgh.

Up until that day, we had two Italians (a quite down to earth one which specialises in pizza and pasta, and a very swanky one which we can`t afford to eat at regularly). Dal Patino is a small family run restaurant, which finally managed to close the gap and offer something to people like us, who like nice food in a nice ambience, but don`t want to have to keep this for special occasions.

We were walking past by pure chance a couple of weeks ago, peckish and talking about what to have for dinner, when my other half spontanesously suggested to go in and give it a try.

I had grilled sea bass (two fillets!!) with so much on the side that I would have foregone my obligatory side salad, if only I had known. Apart from more salad, potatoes and a whole twig of grilled tomatoes with herbs, there was a large vegetable cake that was so delicious I pointed this out to the waiter and asked what was in it.


Just a few weeks prior, I had a rather interesting discussion with the chef at my work, and we concluded that people like me are more likely to speak up if they want to complain about food rather than praise it, and therefore, by default, people like him are more likely to hear comlaints rather than praise about their work, which they usually do with a lot of love and passion (This particular conversation was about a lady who had particular dietary wishes, had something special made for her twice a day and liked neither.). After this chat, I promised to myself to really make waves the next time I ate out and found something oustanding. And this vegetable cake sure was.

 The place is small and the waiter waved to the chef (open kitchen), whose face almost split with a grin that went from one ear to the other. He told me a wee bit of what was in it and seemed happy when I said I could eat those cold as well, and they should sell them at lunch time to take away.

Anyhow, with the bill came a brown bag, and guess what was in it:

For me. Just like that. 🙂

I looked over the waiter`s shoulder nd saw the chef waving. Really made my day, and then again the next morning when I had those cold, for breakfast.

When we came back yesterday, we were greeted like old friends, and once again, served a dinner which was both delicious and incredibly photogenic:


Anyway, bottom line is: Please could you praise the chef. You`ll make for a nice change. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Please Praise the Chef! and: A Restaurant Review

  1. Weltbeobachterin says:

    I love this! the food look delicious and how you take the lesson of the chef from your work to heart.
    curry from the Indian Restaurant. The lady, who sells the curry – was very pleased to see me, because I told her how I liked the indian bread.

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  2. Lilith says:

    Ja, ne?! Menschen tendieren oft eher dazu zu motzen, statt mal das zu loben, was schön und gut ist. Hab ich sehr gerne gelesen, eine schönes Erlebnis, was Du da hattest und das Essen sieht sooo lecker aus! Genau mein Geschmack. ❤

    (Und was genau war jetzt an Zutaten drin? 🙂 )


    • culbia says:

      Also *genau* hat er es nicht gesagt, aber auf jeden Fall diverses Gemuese, Ei, mehrere Kraeuter… Wie ein Kuchen eben, aber so saftig, da kein Mehl… so geil…

      Ich glaube das mit dem Motzen sind aber schon auch die Kellner (oder Pfleger) schuld. Die fragen standardmaessig, ob es geschmeckt hat, aber wenn man sagt ja, dann geben sie sich damit zufrieden, und wenn man sagt nein, dann fragen sie warum nicht und geben es weiter. Wobei ich schon jemand bin die einen Kellner ruft und Essen zurueck gehen laesst, wenn etwas ganz daneben, oder wie vor zwei, drei Monaten beim Inder, ein komplett anderes Gericht ist (das ich von mir aus nie bestellt haette, weil ich keinen Koriander mag).


      • Lilith says:

        Mach ich auch. Wenn mir was nicht passt, sag ich das. Aber immer nett und freundlich. Hab auch schon Essen zurück gehen lassen, weil es nicht heiß genug, oder ein Haar drin war. Das war SO eklig! Bah!


  3. Wendy says:

    I like to chat with servers or the chef about the things I like most. Very often they are happy to share their kitchen secrets or recipes.
    A friend of mine got a nice bottle of pomegranat balsamico in turkey just because she praised how delicious it was. And the patissier shared his poppyseed tarte recipe because I loved it.

    It seems you will eat at this restaurant often in the future, food looks very very good!


  4. culbia says:

    Rather interesting, the stuff you get just for being nice. And it works for them, too, as even if the food was delicious I wouldn`t come back if the staff were rude. But the Southern Europeans knew this long before us, anyway… 🙂


  5. blogbellona says:

    superlecker sieht das aus. das pasta-bild war andernorts etwas verschwommen, hier ist es aber schön scharf. 🙂 auch echt eine schöne story, solche zwischenmenschlichen freuden mag ich total.


    • culbia says:

      Ja, das war einfach schoen. So unerwartet. Und am naechsten Morgen, als wir das (kalt, ist wirklich hervorragend!) gefruehstueckt haben, da hab ich mich gleich nochmal drueber gefreut 🙂


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