Iphone 7 Plus vs Android (Galaxy 6 Edge)

I wrote the review I did below after only a few days with my new phone, and I think three months (and a bit more) is a good time to review what I first wrote about it – particularl with the arrival of the Galaxy S 8 next week. New comments in red 🙂

After my Blackberry (2011-2013), I always had Galaxies, and now, I finally treated myself to an Iphone.

I cannot say that it is better or worse than Android, but I can say it`s different. I got some nice new things but also lost some.

My personal verdict is as follows:

Lock Screen

Galaxy blinks with notifications, until I open it. Only text messages and WhatsApps show on my lock screen, so I always wanted to look at my notifications (and if I didn`t, the flashing drained my battery). Iphone shows all incoming messages on lock screen, but flashing lights are available for those who want them as well as.

Iphone wakes up as soon as I lift it up, and because my home screen can recognise my fingerprint, I don`t need to bother with annoying pass codes.

Iphone 1  : 0  Android (this should actually be double points as so great!!!) 

yes! It`s so easy to check (either by having my phone beside me or by just briefly waking it up by simply lifting it), the battery lasts such a great deal more than the one of my Galaxy (which would blink for ages in my handbag and then had to be completely wakened for me to see the message), too.

Home Screen

Fully customisable on Android. On Apple, you can set a background picture and reorder the apps.

Iphone 1 : 1 Android

Yes. Mind you – I still haven`t customised my home screan.


see also “Lock screen” and “Homescreen”. I like the Iphone`s Notification Panel on the side. Although its customisation could be improved (but hey, it`s new, so maybe it will) it wins over the Galaxy Edge. The Notification Centre which you drag down from the top is similar, but slightly better on Apple. It seems a silly thing, but Apple gives me a separate notification for each person who liked my Instagram photos, while Samsung will only say “Marvin + 3 other people”.

Iphone 2 : 1 Android

yes again 🙂

Battery Life

Because of the things raised above, I don`t need to switch on my Iphone that often, and neither have I got lights flashing in my handbag if I don`t check it. Can`t say whether the Iphone battery is really better, but I can easily see why it lasts me longer (charge every second day rather than daily). Lost Fast Charge.

Iphone 3 : 1 Android

as said – this one still valid, too 🙂

Alarm Clock

Can be put off with one tap on Iphone. Samsung requires me to get into the Clock App, which is annoying when you`re still half asleep

Iphone 4 : 1 Android

Yes, great improvement on the Samsung, for said reason – so easy to simply switch off.


Extremely easily accessible on Android from homescreen via customiseable dash board. Iphone requires me to go into Settings, where I don`t find it particularly intuitive to find certain things. Some settings are available from the lock or homescreen (drag up from bottom). I like to use flight mode during the night (where on my Galaxy, I would have switched off WiFi and Data) Still…

Iphone 4 : 2 Android

Yes. Apple settings are really annoying. It was, for example, so easy on the Samsung to switch off and on WiFi or log into new networks. This is annoying now, plus, I seem to be really having a hard time with WiFi (other than at home) in particular. 


This is really important for me, and I love the Portrait Mode of the Iphone which blurs the background. However, I lost the Beauty Setting in Selfie Mode, which blurred my skin and made me look at least 10 years younger. I know there`s apps for that, but… I prefer Apple`s inbuilt filters to Samsung`s, but there are several third party apps which I prefer to both.

Generally, with both phones, I`m happy with all photos in good light but less so in low light. Apple`s Live Photos are quite cute, but really just a toy.


Iphone 5 : 3 Android

Still yes, plus I would give Apple an extra point now that I found their own photo editing mode and also discovered that, if you keep your thumb on a Live Photo, it plays the whole video rather than just recording one movement before (which it shows when you are flicking). It`s really cute 🙂


You know what really bugs me about the Apple Gallery? You can share a pic to third party Apps (take Instagram), but you cannot then edit them there. To do that, you first have to go into Instagram and fetch the picture from there. With Android, you pick your photo, share it to Instagram and arrive at your usual editing screen. And that`s how it should be.

Iphone 5 : 4 Android (this one should get double points, too!!)

I found a function where you can move photos to Instagram and then edit it, but this is not there all the time??


You can get GooglePlay on Apple (but you don`t get Itunes on Android), so don`t need to transfer my Google music to Itunes and can now chose where to buy from, as prices can differ. Android has its own music player, too, which I hardly used. I however downloaded two MP3s onto my Iphone via mail, and still haven`t found them. Nevertheless…

Iphone 6 : 4 Android

yes 🙂

Third Party Apps

Most third party apps are available on both Operating Systems, and with most, I prefer the ones for Apple (although not hugely).

Iphone 7 : 4 Android 

Apple apps cost, though, and they`re not cheap. What I really dislike is that I can`t always see how much I am being charged – it just asks me confirm that I want to buy the app and then asks for my password re payment. Surprised this is allowed.

Health App

I`m grieving for the Samsung Health App, which had everything (step counter, exercise, food diary and several other things including weight and sleep) in one place. The step counter was on my home screen, which I adored. Apple has a health app, but the only thing which seems automatic is the step and exercise counter. Although I was told you can put those on the side panel, I`m yet to find out how. A real loss.

Iphone 7 : 5 Android

yes. Now RunTastic as well, but Samsung had this all in one. 

Phone Design

Okay, it`s a bit too big, but I wanted the camera which the small one does not have. Galaxy 6 Edge was the perfect size, with the edge providing a larger screen and additional functions.

Iphone 7 : 6 Android

Cracked the screen about 3 weeks ago. Thankfull, it was only the protector 🙂

… and it`s almost a draw! Some may want to consider things like price, image, processor and accessories, but I focused on which one is the better phone to use. I was craving a change, but I really wouldn`t be able to recommend one phone over the other.

At the moment, I’m definitely enjoying the novelty factor, though 🙂


4 thoughts on “Iphone 7 Plus vs Android (Galaxy 6 Edge)

  1. Paleica says:

    ich habe ja 2 handies und android und iOs parallel laufen und ich muss sagen, vom handling her komme ich mit android (als ursprünlgicher) iOs user so gar nicht zurecht. irgendwie finde ich da einfach nie irgendwas ^.^
    dass die einstellungen absolut unintuitiv am iphone sind muss ich auch sagen, das nervt mich acuh total. aber sonst bin ich das user interface vermutlich so gewöhnt, dass ich mich nur schwer umgewöhnen kann. ich wrüde aber auch nicht wirklich “besser” oder “schlechter” sagen – sondern gewohnheit.


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