12 von 12 in March or: an Ordinary Day in Pictures

8am: waking up with hubby`s alarm clock: Speedway session has begun for him, and another assignment (statistics) due for me, so no lazy Sunday for either of us.


Cuddles with Amber in the bathroom. Here, she feels safe because Leo doesn`t come in. She rubs herself against me, purring breathlessly until my nose and eyes are itching (for I do actually have a cat allergy!) while Leo is crying outside the door…


Proper picture not possible – cat in constant motion…

As usual, Leo is there while I study…


I always vow to do better, but a simple fried egg sandwich is just too convenient when you`re working…



Enough! Being picked up by my friend for a walk in the park. We went to their shop, and I didn`t see the dress that was pointed out to me as having my name all over it, and neither did I find a selfie with my new hair colour that I like enough to post, but we did take a few beautiful picture of the scenery – not the brightest of days, but spring is definitely in the air…


What? What about the tree? It`s got an eye, right, and another one underneath…

Home via supermarket, bought some stuff, cooked it, ate it and then proceeded to entertained the cats before she went and I put on the computer to write this post…


Hope you enjoyed, more in April 🙂



9 thoughts on “12 von 12 in March or: an Ordinary Day in Pictures

    • culbia says:

      Danke, da bin ich auch total gluecklich drueber!! Dabei war die Pfuetze so dreckig dass man gar nicht auf den Boden sehn kann, wie Kakao! Wir haben die Bewegung gesehn, und dann sagte meine Freundin guck mal das sind Froesche!! Froesche erinnern mich immer sehr positiv an meine Kindheit, da war ich besessen von… 🙂


  1. twinkletoes says:

    The frog!! Well spotted!

    Looks like a bright enough day to me. Lovely green leaves. Is that wild garlic? Ireland was still mainly brown.


    • culbia says:

      Lots and lots of wild garlic – but I wouldn`t gather it there, as too many dogs…

      I was so excited about the frogs of which there were actually three! We first saw the movements, and then my friend saw the eyes popping out…


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