Lisbon Part III

And now, I have a confession to make. Part of me feels guilty for complaining about anything regarding something like a holiday, but I have to be honest about one thing: first negative experience with Air B&B.

It first turned out that we were sharing the small flat with our hosts (watch out for the term “private room”!), and while our room was clean, the kitchen and bathroom were not. (We didn`t get a review, as we didn`t want her to retaliate, which is probably wrong – advice appreciated…)

Anyway, while I love my coffee soon after I get up, and even on holiday breakfast is usually something we have at home,  we didn`t want to on this occasion, so this meant two more visits to one of Lisbon`s beautiful cafes:

Photo 27-02-2017, 10 02 24Photo 27-02-2017, 09 56 04Photo 27-02-2017, 10 01 17Photo 27-02-2017, 10 01 28

Oh, the hardship of it…

After that, we went on to explore the city – which, for us, basically entails walking our favourites of the roads we know already and happily be distracted when something else looks more interesting.

On the top of Bairro Alto, where Carreira 28 turns, there was a fleamarket, where we tried some delicious olives and where I bought this cute little bum bag which is just large enough to hold my phone, keys, lippy and some lose cash – ideal, if you don`t want to carry a large handbag:

Photo 27-02-2017, 10 58 42Photo 27-02-2017, 11 06 13Photo 27-02-2017, 11 06 58

The following is a photographic technique which I probably got from Instagram, and which I still need to improve, but this was the first time I tried it, and I think it`s got a potential which is definitely worth working on: photographing myself in a mirror, camera forward, so my own selfie becomes part of a picture of the foreground:

Photo 27-02-2017, 10 47 57Photo 27-02-2017, 10 48 02Photo 27-02-2017, 10 48 06

Photo 27-02-2017, 10 49 47Photo 27-02-2017, 10 49 51Photo 27-02-2017, 10 49 55



5 thoughts on “Lisbon Part III

  1. Paleica says:

    ach ich liebe das gekachelte an lissabon ❤ aber dass man pech mit airbnb haben kann hab ich auch schon gehört bzw. ist einer studienkollegin von mir in lissabon auch passiert.der frühstücksort sieht dennoch sehr einladend aus ^.^


    • culbia says:

      Lissabon ist einfach traumhaft, und wir haben uns das jetzt fest zu beiden Geburtstagen vorgenommen – November und Februar, da ist es nicht zu heiss, aber dennoch wesentlich waermer als hier in Schottland. Und es ist einfach schoen da.

      Flat war… halt richtig, richtig dreckig und keine Privatsphaere, aber fuer zwei Tage war es machbar. Hab ich mir halt zwei Tage die Haare nicht gewaschen. Gibt es auch nicht so viele Selfies 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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