Lisbon – Part II

I still haven`t quite sussed out why it is only the tram (carreira) 28 that everybody is so obsessed about, but I guess that`s because it has the most beautiful route, between Alfama and Bairro Alto. It would have taken us home, but everything is close, and if it is not too hot and if you are able bodied, I recomment walking. Lisbon is a steep walk for sure, but you always see something beautiful, plus, the trams are usually packed like a can of their famous sardines…


Somewhere, I also have a video which I took from inside one, from our first visit in summer 2014. I have to dig this out…

More Carnival, and all rather civilised in comparison to Germany, where there is just too much drink involved…


Canned sardines – Portugal is famous for its salt cod (which I wouldn`t try for money!!) and canned sardines, all (apart from the first one, which is from the best souvenir shop in town!!) photographed in the gorgeous and very athmospheric Conserveira de Lisboa, which sells nothing but canned fish – mainly sardines in different sauces and package designs, but also some tuna, mackerel, anchovies…

The sardines are available in souvenir and gift shops all over the city, but some are actually more expensive, and Conserveira de Lisboa boxes theirs beautifully and add a little card with a rather nice pictures of their shop – the perfect gift!

I would however not be a very considerate blogger if I didn`t issue a word of warning: Sadly, they were confiscated at the airport.

They are over 100g, and even though they are sealed, we were sternly told “Nao pasa!”, and she didn`t mellow at the sight of my beetroot face. The choice was between leaving them, checking them in (at £40.00 with Easyjet) or mailing them to ourselves for “5 Euro or so”, which it was not. They seem to encounter this issue a lot, for there is a vending machine where you can pick a pre-franked envelope by size and destination, and then address to yourself and put it in the postbox next to the vending machine. Instructions are in Portuguese, pens are not provided, EUR 20.oo notes not accepted, and once you have inserted money, you will not get any change unless you purchased something (but after that, your full change will be provided).

A small selection of canned sardines is available from the duty free – at a somewhat inflated price, but they are the cheaper option, if you are flying hand luggage only.

Just saying. The selection and boxes from this shop (who did not pay me for this blog!!) are exquisit, but I`d feel negligent if I didn`t.


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