A Study of my Drink (A Blog about Photography)

I have a confession to make: I`m a serial offender for ordering my food and drinks for their looks, so I can photograph and, if I find them particularly appealing, post them on social media.

The prices in certain places used to annoy me, but ever since I started photographing, I have become more lenient, considering all the added value I`m getting.

Worst thing (apart from dealing with the impatience of fellow diners) is usually to determine which ones of all those many shots of the same thing are actually any good. The following are 10 out of 29 shots of the same white sangria I enjoyed in our favourite wine bar in Lisbon at the weekend – Bar Bica half way through, and with a stunning view onto, the very famous and much photographed Ascensor da Bica (and with free WiFi seducing you to post the first picture right away, which, of course, I did :-))


All photos were made on an Iphone 7 Plus (with the background blurring portrait mode, which was a major selling point) and, apart from Chrome and said Portrait Mode, not edited.

Feedback would be much appreciated – while I do think I progressed in both technicque and composition, I often seem to have no idea of what a good photo is. (It always amazes me on Instagram how people like the pics I was not sure about and almost ignore thoe ones I`m particularly pleased with).


14 thoughts on “A Study of my Drink (A Blog about Photography)

    • culbia says:

      Thank you – it`s an amazing hidden corner, which you`ll discover very suddenly when you walk up or down the Ascencor, and where we stop and have a glass of wine every time we go…

      Liked by 1 person

    • culbia says:

      Thank you so much – I like them all, too, but I find it impossible to say which one is better than the others and which ones maybe not (apart from the ones I didn`t post)


  1. blogbellona says:

    bild 2, 3 und 4 gefallen mir am besten. das von oben, also das dritte, ist einfach außergewöhnlich, das mag ich.

    ich finde, ehrlich gesagt, 29 bilder von ein und demselben motiv an so einem schönen tisch in so einer schönen situation etwas schräg. 😉


    • culbia says:

      Dankeschoen – also Du magst am liebsten die Bilder wo nur das Getraenk drauf ist, kein Athmosphaere-Hintergrund? Da bin ich mir nie sicher – ich selber mag Athmosphaere-Fotos lieber, aber mir faellt oft auf, dass andere offenbar lieber was Minimalistischeres bevorzugen…

      Naja, wir haben ueber 2 Stunden da gesessen, da hab ich gern 10 Minuten mit Schoenebildermachen vergeudet… 🙂


        • culbia says:

          Das stimmt, das geht mir schon genau so Gerne etwas Szene, aber Menschen hoechstes ein, zwei Personen ganz weit weg… Aber es war halt busy, die Leute die Du da vorne in den Fotos siehst waren Bayern und wohl auch eben erst angekommen. Es war noch nicht mal so warm, aber alle bestanden drauf drausse zu sitzen (ausser den Locals…)


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