12 vor 12 in February or: an Ordinary Day in Pictures

9.30am: Hair needing done again – love this colour, but sadly, only available as semi permanent, so needs re-done on a monthly basis. I dip dye and leave alone what`s unprocessed.


10.00am: Not the best pictures on this dreich day with too much backlight but have to be included. My heart still skips a beat sometimes when I look at those:

10.15am: bit of tidying up: Fridge badly needing work, and when I`m done it transpired that I also badly need to go shopping.

And can anyone explain this one?? I mean – the drawer is shut and all the stuff we put in it clean, but I`m forever removing crumbs, dust and even cat hair from it…


11.15am: Tidy kitchen wants to be cooked in: Breakfast time!


12pm: A session on my computer (purely pleasure) including getting printouts ready of the map to… our flat in Lisbon. 2 weeks to go – can`t wait:


2pm a visit from my friend for coffee and cake, and after procrastinating all day because of this


she managed to entice me out to go shopping together


18.30pm: I made a vegetarian Pasta Bolognese and took (and approved of!) her advice to add walnuts:

Very chilled night ending a very chilled day, while my first ever home made Kale chips were dehydrating in the kitchen…



7 thoughts on “12 vor 12 in February or: an Ordinary Day in Pictures

  1. blogbellona says:

    vegetarische “bolognese” oder auch gleich lasagne mache ich auch echt gerne. ich schnipsle da immer so viel verschiedenes gemüse ganz klein rein, richtig lecker. und auch das perfekte essen fürs kleinkind. alles in tomatensoße schmeckt, heute gab’s nämlich auch gemüselasagne mit auberginen, kräuterseitlingen und oliven. würde er pur nicht essen. 😉


    • culbia says:

      Man kann m. E niht viele Fehler machen mit Tomatensauce. Am Tag vorher hatte ich meinen Gefrierschrank abgetaut und das Quorn-Gehackte darin gefunden. Abgelaufen Ende 2015. Da hab ich beschlossen dass es Sonntag, zum ersten Mal seit ewig, mal wieder Bolognese gibt. Heute hatte ich es nochmal – hach war das lecker :-))


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