We swam in Seitan Limania!!!

I often write about my holidays in lots of detail and post a lot of pictures. But let`s be honest, it usually makes for very boring reading: We had 3 days by the pool, 3 by the beach, we visited Chania city four times and had two day trips. My once again rather extensive collection of photos consist mainly of cobbled streets, water, food, sunsets and CATS.

Our day trips went to Elafonisi Beach, which is indeed stunning, and – Seitan Limania. Seitan Limania gets a lot of hits when you google it, but we would never have known about it, leave alone gone there, if it hadn`t been for Georgia. Georgia was the guide who took us to Elafonisi Beach, and because we enjoyed ourselves so much and had ran out of things to do, we went back to where she worked and asked whether there were any other trips she was doing. So Georgia asked what kind of things we would like, and as she was free she offered to take us to Seitan Limania – just the two of us, as we were surprised to find out when we turned up at 8.30am the next morning.

My own experience is, of course, mine, but there are plenty links like  TripadvisorCretemap and quite a few videos on youtube.

We had a jeep to access the place via a narrow, windy road which led us to a lonely spot, which was supposed to be the car park, and from which we could look down the cliffs to Seitan Limania – Devil`s Harbour.


“The path is over here,” said Georgia, “I`ll see you at 1 o`clock!”

And then she was gone and us left in the blazing heat with no shadow and nowhere to go but down. Hiking really isn`t my thing, but the white beach and turquoise water down there definitely was, so…


I wish she had mentioned back home that we were to face a 20 minutes climb down a very steep cliff – we would have travelled much lighter, and I`d have chosen sturdier shoes. No, that’s a lie – chances are I would have refused to go at all.

20 minutes later, we arrived, my knees trembling.


Tripadvisor says it can be crowded, but it was only 10am, and there were only four people there apart from ourselves. (It got busier when we left, though.)

The water was amazing. The color really was like that (I SWEAR no photoshop!!), and although I`d have thought exactly the opposite in a secluded bay like that, the waves were high and powerful, frequently washing me back to the shore as I tried to swim out. (Towards the end of our stay, I found a trick, though – swim along the rocks – waves are much less powerful there). It was SO FUN, and I was screaming and laughing like a kid!!




Going back up was awful. Some paused to take photos, but I just wanted to get it over and done with. You can watch someone else`s journey here – when we finally arrived back at the car park I was ready to cry. There was people coming towards us, and I thought I was going to die with love and admiration for my husband who carried all the stuff leaving both hands to hold onto the cliffs.

There`s a memorial up there to a guy who died aged 22, and I asked the question to Georgia. But he was a fisherman, she said, and no, noone ever died climbing up or down those cliffs. I find that hard to believe. But if I hadn`t made it, I would have died happy. It was so worth it!

Helpful hint: travel light and be early – there`s no shade, and it does get busier towards lunch time. Also remember to take enough food and water (not coffee, beer or cola!) for the whole duration of your stay – no kiosk nor loo 🙂


12 thoughts on “We swam in Seitan Limania!!!

  1. Wendy says:

    Seems like it was worth the effort! (had a similar experience years back…. we have been in New Zealand and booked an eco tour to visit penguins. The tour startet at 5 in the morning, and I ve got a cold from the long flight. Nobody told us in advance that we had to walk down a really big dune. Downhill a dune is easy – but at the end of the trip we have to go up. It feels like one step forward and two back….At some point I asked the guide to leave me behind and to let me die…. I couldn ´t beathe, coughing, sneezing, sweating…. 😉


    • culbia says:

      I`ve still got mixed feelings… I was crying with stress, but had I known in advance, I would have never been there. It was hard to enjoy myself and not think of the way up, but I feel I spent a few hours in paradise, particularly as we were almost on our own…


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