Lifestyle Month: Wardrobe Boredom

As my longer term readers may remember, I was on a lengthy no-shopping mission last year. Nevertheless, I get bored, which is when I`m usually looking to adding a few items. After some generally unsuccessful visits to charity shops, I finally came up with the following two cheats:

1. Dyeing my old Clothes

Suitable for things which still fit and are in a good condition. Works best with natural fabrics which are light in colour – it is not recommended to dye an item lighter than it was originally, as you cannot anticipate the outcome (other than that it`ll not be as advertised).

Seams don`t always take the new colour, because they are synthethic – I like the contrast as in the red skirt below, which still has its original blue seams, but this may not always desired. Also, you may not always get exactly the colour you bought if it`s so different from the original colour (same item – was hoping for plum, but still ended up happy:-)).

The white blouse had become just a bit too grey over the years but was otherwise still in good condition, and dying it makes it feel and look like new again.

White items, which may have become a bit too grey (as the blouse pictured below) are great to dye, as they take on any colour really vibrantly.

I particularly like the fact that I`m not adding to or taking away from the size of my wardrobe, but still getting one new thing for each old one for about £5.99. I wish I could be motivated to change buttons, but right now, while writing this line, I think I may give this a go… watch this space…


2. Design my own

I was looking for some more T-shirts but couldn`t find any at all that I liked. Eventually, I remembered this shop here: Their T-Shirts are so customisable I felt overwhelmed by choice (style and colour of T-Shirt, colour, font and direction of text, size of picture, border or not, where is the motif going to be placed and will there be something on the back and arms as well?), and it was a project which fitted in beautifully with my desire to start doing a bit more with my own photography. I even designed my own logo, which I placed on the back of each creation, between the shoulder blades.

For the highest available quality, I paid just over £20.oo each, they kept their colour, print and shape after a lot of wear, and apart from being unique, the Siamese cat T-Shirt especially is a great talking point – I feel properly proud to tell people that`s my own cat, and on the back, it actually says #catenvy underneath the logo.




9 thoughts on “Lifestyle Month: Wardrobe Boredom

    • culbia says:

      Sie sind schon alle ein paar Jahre alt, aber nichts dran – nur die Farben haben mir nicht mehr gefallen. Die weisse Bluse war etwas ergraut und die beiden Roecke erblasst. Nun hab ich ein paar feine Knallfarben fuer den Herbst. Das heisst die Roecke trag ich schon 🙂


    • culbia says:

      So lange die neue Farbe dunkler ist als die urspruengliche, sollte es gehn, so lange es Baumwolle ist und nicht Polyester. Fuer den blauen Rock hatte ich mir uebrigens Aubergine erhofft (rot auf blau) aber dieses Weinrot (anstatt Kirsche wie auf der Packung) finde ich schon auch sehr kleidsam. 🙂


    • culbia says:

      Ich hab bisher erst zweimal was gefaerbt, und man muss auch aufpassen was. Kunstfaser nimmt schlecht was anderes an, Natur dagegen sehr. Und je nach Grundfarbe des Kleidungsstuecks kommt auch nicht das raus was auf der Packung steht.

      Aber ich freu mich – das letzte Mal ist eins misslungen, dieses Mal bin ich mit allen drei Stuecken superzufrieden – es fuehlt sich an, als hab ich neue Klamotten, und es sind auch schoene Herbstfarben 🙂


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