Lifestyle Month: Book Recommendation: Yes Man (Danny Wallace)

The story of a man who was going to say “Yes” to absolutely everything – every request, every suggestion…

Extremely funny (think certain email scams, fundraisers, invitations which were extended out of sheer good manners, projects which seem way beyond your capabilities…), provocative at times, but also very philosophical and thought provoking.

Is YES really extending our horizon (by making us do things we wouldn`t otherwise do) and giving us the freedom to do things we really want to do (but may be scared of, if offered the choice), or is it actually narrowing our freedom by taking away our choice entirely rather than extending it?




11 thoughts on “Lifestyle Month: Book Recommendation: Yes Man (Danny Wallace)

  1. twinkletoes says:

    Ganz ähnlich sind übrigens die Bücher von AJ Jacobs, nur ‘auf amerikanisch’: “The Year of Living Biblically” ist sehr lustig.


    • culbia says:

      Ich hab “a year of living healthily” angefangen, aber irgendwann hab ich aufgehört.kann gar nicht mehr sagen warum, aber es hat mich einfach nicht inspiriert…


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