Lifestyle Month: Wardrobe Audit

I `m always trying to cut my spending, but I also really like my clothes. It used to be a ritual every new season to set a (large) budget, go to town and shop to my heart`s content.

As I entered what is probably my third wave of a more solid interest in sustainable living, I started going to second hand shops more, but I still rarely find things I end up buying.

It was inheriting a large part of my friends` wardrobe that made me sit down and list every single item I own. I never thought I had a lot, and most importantly, I was kidding myself that I was wearing every thing I own at least once a year.

What I however found shocked me:

Shoes Boots – Black 1 smart, 1 biker
Shoes Boots – Grey sheepswool
Shoes Boots – Brown tan, chocolate
Shoes Boots – Blue sheepswool
Shoes Boots – red wine red
Shoes Boots – half aztec tan
Shoes Shoes – Trainers lilac
Shoes Sandals – Fitflops cream, yellow, red
Shoes Sandals pink, grey, brown, cream, red, blue, yellow, black
Shoes Shoes – Pumps blue, teal, black, green, lilac, pink
Shoes Shoes – evening gold, silver
Bottoms Jeans – short light blue and dark blue
Bottoms Jeans – long next, gap, shredded, dark
Bottoms trousers – relaxed 1 long, 2 medium
Bottoms trousers – short cord plum
Bottoms skirt – casual orange, blue, green, brown – all cord
Bottoms skirt – work winter black pencil, lilac short, lilac long
Bottoms skirt – work summer black, stone, brown, burberry style, floaty black
Dress Dress – maxi blue, colourful, stewardesses uniform, vietnamese, burgundy
Dress Dress – Casual Winter leopard, psychedelic autumn colours, psychedelic wine
Dress Dress – interview navy
Dress Dress  – work Winter RL leopard, wine
Dress Dress – Casual Summer daisies, black, cream
Dress Dress – work Summer stone, green, 2xblue, black and white
Dress Dress – occasion RL Blue, long black, short black, Cavalli black, chinese, tartan, gold
Dress Dress – holiday white, yellow
Tops Tops – T-shirts 3 cream, 2 white
Tops Tops – long blouses 3x black, 2x white, leopard, yellow, stone, lilac, blue mix, brown cord,brown, green
Tops Tops – short blouses stone, blue, 2x teal, white, black and gold
Tops Tops – winter pullovers lilac, grey, white, stone, orange, brown
Tops Tops – Summer Pullover 2x stone
Tops Tops – evening orange, orange mix, corset, black
Jackets Jackets – winter black, fake fur, leather
Jackets Jackets – summer jeans, black, grey, weather, poncho
Jackets Jackets – vest blue, yellow
Sport Sport – Bikini 2x black, pink, orange, green, white, multi
Sport Sport – top 3x football, pink
Sport Sport – Bottom 2x blue, 2x black, pink

I spare you the entries concerning my underwear and coloured tights, but all put together, I owned 198 clothes and shoes, not counting at all accessories. How on earth, I ended up with 13 long sleeved blouses, 11 pairs of sandals and 7 bikinis (I live in Scotland!!) I do not know.

Fact is – I do not need new clothes. Not for a long time. Or, let`s say, not until I stumble upon something I really like and that`s hard to get again. And since this list was done in May, I really only bought one more thing which definitely belongs to this category:


A Parisian Street Cafe motif from a boutique in Porto! That`s definitely one of the exceptions that should always be allowed.

I can really recommend making a list like that – it`s a real eye opener, but last month, I took my little project a bit further still: When I started my new job, I “downgraded” a few things to spare time only, and after I also just gave quite a few away, I  was getting concerned that I was wearing the same stuff all the time. So in order to find out how long it would take me to run out of outfits, I vowed to wear something different every day for the whole of December (same things were allowed, but not the same combination or acessorisation) and also took notes of them (one extra page in my planner, which I was simply moving along with me:

image(Hearts indicate compliments, and dark hearts mean many of them)

And I could do it. Despite my much reduced wardrobe. I still don`t need new clothes. I`ve got enough to wear a different outfit every day of the month. And there are still things I have not worn at all.

We all know that a lot of our reasons for shopping are more want than need, but I for my part still do it, and I feel the occasional reminder does me a world of good.


18 thoughts on “Lifestyle Month: Wardrobe Audit

  1. Wendy says:

    You know – I declutter every single year and clear my closet is a big part of that – you remember pictures of clothes I brought to the charity shop. And – I am not a big shopper. But I keep clothes – if they fit – for a very very long time (I wear them too). So I am sure – I have a similar number of items.It is really embarrassing to confess….


    • culbia says:

      I wouldn`t say it`s embarrassing. There`s plenty people who buy cheap clothes which they wear only for one season and then toss in the bin. I don`t agree with that at all. I, too, wear my clothes until they no longer look good, but what I need to accept is that I don`t need to buy a whole armful of new things twice a year if I`m not giving away an equal amount.


      • Wendy says:

        Mh – to be honest – I really could live without buying anything new for decades from now. I trust me – I must not go naked 😉
        But of course – I buy a new item just because I like to add a fresh look to the old things. And – this year is a good year for me – because I like, what´s actual “trendy”. There were years I did not buy one single item, because neither I like the colours nor I like the style. But this year…. I could spend a lot of money….


  2. Lilith says:

    Heute 3 neue Jeans gekauft und 3 alte Jeans entsorgt, so mache ich das seit geraumer Weise und ich kaufe nur noch Qualität. Ich liebe meinen Kleiderschrank, er ist voll von Sachen, die ich liebe und auch trage. 🙂


    • culbia says:

      Ich hab das auch seit langem so gemacht – one in, one out (aber auch one out, one in :-)) Wenn ich mir diese Liste aber so angucke, muss ich das fuer die Zukunft aber echt ueberdenken. So reduziere ich mein Zeug nie. Defintiv brauche ich z. B. die naechsten Jahre (!) keine weiteren langaermeligen Blusen, Sandalen oder Bikinis, ob ich dafuer andere weggebe oder nicht.

      Tragen tu ich es (erstaunlicherweise!!) alles, wenn auch vieles nicht oft. Mein Cavalli-Kleid hatte ich in 1 1/2 Jahren dreimal an, aber immerhin – ich trug es wieder. Das hatte ich mir fuer meinen 40. Geburtstag gegoennt.


      • Lilith says:

        Verstehe ich alles, total! Reduzieren mag ich auch gerne, habe ich auch. Früher hatte ich den Schrank voll mit Klamotten, die ich selten bis nie trug, davon bin ich ab. Jetzt habe ich nur noch Klamotten, die ich liebe und auch trage. Aber (und jetzt kommt das große ABER!): ich will auch immer trendy gekleidet sein, also muss ich neu kaufen und wenn man nur noch Sachen hat, die man liebt, kann man sich schlecht trennen. Allerdings habe ich festgestellt, dass mir Neuse nicht mehr sooo doll schnell gefällt, ich wäge mehr ab. Ziel ist, den ultimativ trendigen, übersichtlichen Kleiderschrank zu haben, der voll ist mit Sachen, die man mag und trägt. 🙂


        • culbia says:

          Ja, so haette ich das auch eigentlich gern – ich finde meinen Schrank zu voll, aber ich trag das halt noch alles. Interessant finde ich folgendes: Es gibt ein paar Dinge, die ich inzwischen nicht mehr sooo gerne trage, aber jedes Mal wenn ich sie “ein allerletztes Mal” ausfuehre, macht mir irgendjemand ein Kompliment dafuer, und kommt es doch wieder zurueck in den Schrank. Trends interessieren mich wenig bis ueberhaupt nicht. Ich weiss und kaufe was mir steht, und wenn es aus der neuesten Kollektion ist, dann vertraue ich darauf, dass es ausserdem trendy ist. Ist aber eigentlich kein Kriterium. Das sind oft die gleichen Sachen, die auch schnell outdated sind, und sowas moechte ich echt nicht. Ich trage alles recht lange, also wirklich bis ich mich nicht mehr wohl darin fuehle, weil es z. B. anfaengt ausgewaschen auszusehen.


          • Lilith says:

            Mach ich auch so, Sachen, die ich wirklich sehr liebe, trage ich bis zum Gehtnichtmehr und selbst dann noch kann ich mich schwer trennen.
            Zum Thema Trend: ich pick mir jede Saison das raus, was ich mag und was mir steht, ich will nicht trendy um jeden Preis sein, dennoch mag ich gerne mit der Mode gehen.


  3. Wendy says:

    I liked this post when you published it first – and I like it today.
    I had to buy some new clothing this year – but I also bethinked myself that I am able to sew and I “upcycled” some of my wardrobe. You posted some things you dyed – that was great

    Liked by 1 person

  4. sternenkratzer says:

    I do also have a similar number of clothes. I don’t wear them all. I put on weight because I was pregnant. I hope, I can wear them soon.

    You look great in this dress.
    I really enjoy your projects – they inspire me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • culbia says:

      Thank you so much!!
      Temporary weight change is, IMO, a totally acceptable reason to have too many clothes – unless the child is in secondary school, in which case the “thin clothes” will probably be out of fashion 🙂


  5. Weltbeobachterin says:

    This list is astonishing. I have to wear in my work a kind of uniform. So I just don’t need so many clothes anymore. Just more kind of these special tops. I think, I will not replace all of the old ones. I will only buy the beautiful ones, who fits perfect and I like the colour and the material. There will be no more “I need something, they fit somehow although I don’t like it or I just don’t like one feature.”


  6. idgie13 says:

    Ich bin da zugegebenermassen der pragmatische Typ. Mir ist es völlig wurscht, wenn ich mehrere Tage das gleiche oder ähnliche Outfit anhabe. Im Winter Hose & Shirt – ich Sommer Rock & Shirt. Fertig.

    Das Kleid gefällt mir auch sehr gut – steht Dir prächtig!


    • culbia says:

      Es war ja für Kurzzeit gedacht – mein Kleiderschrank schien nun etwas leer (zumindest der Teil fuer die Arbeit) und bevor ich wieder raus Geld ausgeben wollte, wollte ich mal gucken ob ich das kann – different Outfit every day. Ansonsten trage ich bestimmte Lieblingsstücke auch jede Woche. Das kleine Projekt hat mich auch inspiriert neue Kombinationen auszuprobieren.


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