some more photos from Jerusalem…

… and I`m afraid it is the last ones – quite random, but some quite pretty things among them, which I couldn`t possibly withhold:


This was from my only visit to an indoor shopping centre, which is located within the main bus station in Jerusalem. I bought one of those jugs for my bathroom and a hair band of a kind that I could never find at home.



A really old fashioned library, stuffed to the ceiling with books. It`s one of those shops which probably sell each book just once. There also were a couple of cats strolling about. I would have loved to stay and browse a bit, but unfortunately, all books were in Hebrew and Arabic.



The old town again. I had avoided it for the last few days, but on my last couple of days, I went back for some serious shopping (and to snap some last few pictures).



I could do a whole blog on graffiti, but here`s just my favourite one – do you see the beautiful woman in the middle section of this Mosque?



This is an Arabic sweet made of cheese, some kind of crumb, saffron, (lots of!!) syrup and pistaccios. I have a very sweet tooth, but here, I had to admit defeat after a couple of forkfuls. I`m sure I would have died happy, but my pancreas was begging for its life.



Next, we went to this coffee shop and bought coffee ground in front of us together with cardamom pods, and then we went to my lovely host`s dad (who lived just round the corner), where I learnt how to brew a real Arabic coffee: you bring water to the boil, spoon the coffee and plenty sugar into the bottom of a cup, pour the water over it, stir and wait until the powder settles – ready. It was so good, we went back and took some home to the UK. My husband especially loved it.


This guy was living round the corner as well 🙂


And here`s some beautiful pictures of a sad occasion – my farewell dinner. We went to the same place where we started on my first day, at Hosh Al Jasmine in Bethlehem. This place is so perfect – the surroundings, the food, the company and the whole atmosphere… It was hard to believe that we were in such a troubled place…


Yes, this is indeed in Palestine.

The day of my departure was already documented here. The most fascinating holiday in my whole life, and one I would not have had if it was not for some misunderstanding and me half jokingly asking on facebook what I should do with three weeks between jobs. I did not expect to be taking selfies at the Western Wall just a week later, and I cannot ever come near expressing how grateful I am to Bandora and her family for inviting and having me. It was exceptional, and I hope so much you will come to Scotland to see us next year! xx


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