12 vor 12 in December or: just an ordinary day in 12 pictures

I start work at 9am and live 20 mins away from it. Especially in winter, it would be tempting to stay in bed till 8, but during 8 months of not working mornings, I really grew to appreciate some me-time before work and faithfully set the alarm for 7.

My husband, who is retired and does not want to fall into the trap either, gets up with me. He feeds the cats while I take my shower, and when I come down, he will have coffee ready. I am not a morning person, but the sound of our Gaggia right underneath me is enough to bring me to life.


That was Leo (below) with his tail.

Still dark outside, but betterment is imminent. Every year on 21st December, I`m having a party inside my head because we`re over the worst and will be gaining 2 mins a day all the way until June.


I admire Mosili`s work on her planners, and was growing to like the idea of a paper diary again. I liked the clutterfree-ness of smartphone apps, but there is no one app for all my planning needs, so I had to record my stuff in 5 different places, which I could only be bothered -sorry!- to do sporadically). So I bought a planner and now enjoy creatively reflecting the day before as part of my morning ritual:


Traffic jam:


The joys of working in a place with a kitchen:


I rescued this lovely necklace from the Christmas Tombola. Not wanting to buy tickets and then win chocolates and soap, so I just made an offer and bought it. I`m having an old fashioned style phase just now, which can probably be attributed to the music and pictures I`m exposed to at work. I cant wait to wear it, but it`ll remain on my desk until I pay for it.


Look at that picture!! Do you see the difference to this one?


After years of thinking “One day, I`ll have one of those, but not yet”, I finally treated myself to an I-phone yesterday. After visiting 5 shops, I manage to secure what seemed like the last one in town – the last one of my desired specs anyway. I actually went back to the Apple-Store and waved it to the guy. Some places didn `t have any I-Phone 7 Plusses at all, so seems like a lot of people in and around Edinburgh are in for a wonderful treat this Christmas.


So far I can`t say that it`s better than Samsung, but it`s different, which is what I was craving. Smartphones are one thing I really get bored with easily.

All photos in this blog have been done with my new phone, and while I`m really happy in good light conditions and with the portrait mode, I`d still want to pull out my camera in lower light, where it matters. The moment can be over by the time you managed, though (cats!!).

Some studying at night. Statistics comes easy, but Accounts is something I have to work really hard at. I`m glad that I`ve chosen it, though. This course really highlights that I have gaps, but it`s also filling them all at the same time.


What I`m looking at while working hard…


Oh, and I was gonna show you what I did with my kitchen, was I? Tadaaaa…


Transferrable tiles, available from ebay or Amazon in various mixed designs, £8.oo for 26 tiles. We used three packets – two would have been enough, but they are a bit heavy on blue, and I was wanting something really colorful, as inspired by a Jerusalem restaurant kitchen and the beautiful houses in Portugal. Of course, they all use real tiles 🙂


Was this last picture cheating? Probably… I usually sneak in a selfie, but I forgot, and now, I`ve taken off my makeup. But take a picture of my outfit:


The skirt is a tight fitting pencil skirt with a fish tail. Charity shopping rocks! 🙂



22 thoughts on “12 vor 12 in December or: just an ordinary day in 12 pictures

    • culbia says:

      Danke 🙂 Der Rest der Wohnung ist zahmer (Bad und Schlafzimmer sogar ein- bzw zweifarbig), aber die Kueche ist so knallig dass uns der Kuechenmann davon abgeraten hat. Und als es fertig war hat er ein Foto gewollt, um es auf seine Webseite zu stellen. Passt. 🙂


        • culbia says:

          Eine Weile, ja, aber ich zuletzt geguckt habe, war es weg.
          Als ich meine erste Wohnung tapeziert habe, hatte ich die gleiche Diskussion. Ich wollte jedes der zwei Zimmer zweifarbig, und der Tapezierer hat sich geweigert das zu machen. Ich bestand drauf, und als ich fertig war kam er nicht dadrueber wie toll das aussah 🙂


            • culbia says:

              So ungefaehr geht es mir auch. Meine erste Wohnung war sehr farbenfroh (gut, da war ich 22…), als ich hier eingezogen bin war alles richtig langweilig, und ich habs dann nach und nach frisch gemacht. Im Wohnzimmer hab ich weisse Waende und farbige Polster, aber die Kueche ist schon echt knallig. Sie hat kein Aussenfenster und braucht das, wie ich finde. Sie war sehr trist, als ich hier einzog, alles beige und grau, furchtbar…


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