a Re-Blog from last year. I just find it so crazy.


As usual, my husband was watching the news yesterday when I came down for my morning coffee.

When I saw the pictures on the screen, along with frenetic screaming of men and women, I paused and watched in horror. People were punching and pushing each other, and then I saw something that looked like a big ball of people, fighting. There were a couple of policemen armed with shields, but they looked powerless.

My first thought was of another terror attack.

“No.” My husband turned round and then said slowly: “This is Black Friday!”

I just don`t comprehend it. Most people say they don`t think it`s a good idea, but when the day comes, they become… obsessed. At 8am I overheard a conversation on the bus about a woman who got up at 4am to get three Kindle Fires, and then she phoned her other half to ask if she should get one for Josh as well, since it was such a bargain. Our computer system at work crashed, and a colleague received a message about discounted computer games. She quickly took orders and passed it on to her relative who was there right now. And a substantial numbers of guests in the restaurant I visited at night took a table for four for just two people, so they`d have space for all those bags.

What is this? I don`t think it`s just about the bargain – there`s bargains all year now. Is it competition, excitement, or simply wanting to be part of something which everyone is talking about?

The Christmas Consumer Madness is certainly alive and thriving: somewhere in or around Edinburgh, a male called Josh will now get a Kindle he may not otherwise have had. If he has a sibling, this kid will now need to be found something of equal value, and of course, they cannot receive less next year. So they`ll get used to getting shitloads, and when they grow up to become the givers, it`ll come natural to be equally generous. Even if bargains stopped, and even if they couldn`t really afford it. Because it`ll be expected now.


But last weekend, I had a chat which gave me hope. A close friend, who is wonderful but very different from myself in this department, said she wasn`t doing Christmas gifting any more and had already told everybody. She doesn`t want any  more stuff, she decided, and she feels her family don`t need it either. She much rather wants more breaks, so they`ll use the  money to book themselves into a nice hotel over a weekend when all the frenzy is over, and re-charge their batteries. Love the woman! Always did, but her… fondness of things was something I thought I`d never see change. But if she can (and all by herself, her husband swears he has nothing to do with it!!) maybe all hope is not lost.

Stay safe! 🙂


24 thoughts on “BLACK FRIDAY

  1. alleinsein1974 says:

    Total krass! Gut dass der Black Friday hier noch nicht angekommen ist, ausser im Netz! Ob da wohl viele auf falsche Angebote reinfallen?


    • culbia says:

      Montag ist Cyber-Monday, da geht es online weiter. Dann guck ich aber immer meine Amazon-Wunschliste durch, und wenn da was drastisch billiger geworden ist, dann bestelle ich es. Das sind aber alles Sachen die ich mir rund ums Jahr ankreuze.


  2. sternenkratzer says:

    Das ist hier immer mehr im Kommen. Gestern habe ich es in einigen Schaufenstern gesehen.
    Bei mir in der Firma gab es regelmäßig einen Mitarbeiter-Lagerverkauf. Da haben sich die Leute auch immer so aufgeführt. Geschubst, Leuten Sachen aus dem Wagen geklaut…


  3. nebelpferd says:

    Als in Köln der primark aufgemacht hat, müssen da aber auch menschenmassen gewesen sein, kreischende teenies us. Aber so wie du schreibst soll es im Esprit-outlet in Ratingen auch zugehen. Daher werde ich da wohl nie hinfahren.


  4. twinkletoes says:

    I don’t get it either. Its a disgrace. People are physically fighting to buy stuff they don’t need.

    Last year, a woman went to Tesco on Black Friday to get one of the discounted TVs. She was too late, so she bought a vacuum cleaner instead because it was such a bargain! Really? She could have saved even more by not buying anything. It’s ridiculous.

    AND why do we have to have Black Friday, when we don’t even have Thanksgiving or any other bank holiday on the Thursday. It doesn’t even make sense. Consumerism gone mad. I’m firmly with “Buy Nothing Day” (which also doesn’t make sense because we don’t have Thanksgiving, but hey, if I have to choose.)


    • culbia says:

      I like the concept of Buy Nothing Day, but I don`t understand why it should coincide with Black Friday. It cannot make an impact that way, as it`ll be balanced out effortlessly by… well, Black Friday.


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