Airbrush apps and thoughts about beauty and perfection

Below, a fab post about a topic which I was wanting to write about, too, for some time.

It`s about apps which beautify your selfies, and about what they do not only to our own self esteem, if we cannot keep up with our own selfies or if they show you “imperfections” of your natural self, which you never cared about before.

I also think it raises expectations which are both unrealistic and dangerous. As Paleica writes, social media became so popular, because it was authentic. But is it still?

There was that rather catty remark from a colleague about a friend, whose facebook photos were always looking so  much better than her real self: “I saw her in the street last week, and she looks nothing like that!” My initial thoughts were to defend her – if you are really that plain, but once in a while, you get a really good photo of yourself, of course, you`ll want everybody to see it.

On thinking a bit deeper however, I don`t think it`s all that cute. The woman who saw her in the street was now, in other words, telling everyone she was an imposter. And imagine she was invited to a class reunion and felt she could not live up to her own selfies. Would she still go, or would she find an excuse? Even though we all know about the apps, we kind of expect each other, and ourselves, to look like that in real life.

What I often think is that there now seems to be an expectation that you photoshop yourself. Everyone can do it, the tools are for free – there is no “excuse”. If you don`t you stick out for being mediocre – not only don`t you look good enough, you also cannot possibly value yourself, otherwise you`d at least try. It`s the same phenomenon which has been raised numerous times in relation to cosmetic surgery. The sheer availability of it has raised standards for everyone.

BTW, apparently, the selfie culture has significantly increased demand for facial surgery…

Heute stelle ich euch eine App vor, die mich selbst sehr zwiegespalten hinterlässt. Auf der einen Seite finde ich sie genial, auf der anderen Seite aber “horrifying”. Warum stelle ich sie euch dann überhaupt vor? Weil ich selbst bis vor kurzem nicht wusste, dass es diese App gibt und ich denke, dass es nicht schadet, wenn man sich dessen bewusst ist, dass es heute kein Photoshop und ausgefeilte Retusche-Kenntnisse mehr braucht, um entweder das Beste aus sich rauszuholen oder im Kleinen und auf die Schnelle ein sehr unreales, halbwahres Bild von sich zu erschaffen.

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4 thoughts on “Airbrush apps and thoughts about beauty and perfection

  1. Weltbeobachterin says:

    I knew you would like this post!
    Yes, this reactions from others – when they recognise your too obviously other self – as your real self sounds cruel, but is understandable. I still like to be my imperfect self in FB – the only Social Media with pics of myself

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    • culbia says:

      Its a lovely blog anyway, which I never came across before. I found it through you linking it last night – Lisbon photos always get my attention 🙂

      Re the selfies, I definitely am an offender myself (a because my skin really needs help, but b because photoshopping is also a creative outlet for me), but not always comfortable. I would not want people to talk about me like that.

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        • culbia says:

          That`s just normal. Who would want to show their misshaped pictures? But I know, for example, a woman who lost weight and then put it back on. And when she was almost back to where she was, she replaced her facebook profile picture by a (not so old and therefore quite believable) picture of her thinnest self, and gracefully accepted all the compliments that came gushing in for getting thin once again. It`s not right, but she did it because she could, and she got rewarded for it. But she may walk into people on the street as well.


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