12 von 12 in November: Porto, Portugal 

12 pictures of the 12th day of every one of the 12 month in a year are meant to show the ordinary of a blogger’s life, but once again caught lucky me on holiday . ..

Waking up in a breathtaking bohemian flat in Porto . ..

(1st ever AirBnb experience, and I really like to support individuals rather than Big Business)

Not quite our beloved Lisbon 

but hey , it’s trying 

and maybe it’s just that the weather isn’t quite what we hoped for. As of tomorrow ,  it’s supposed to be summer again, meanwhile , there’s plenty to do indoors , such as a visit to the famous Cafe Majestic 

Or Bolho train station , which is decorated with 20.000 individual tiles:

Still, when the heavens opened once again 

We were not the only ones caught 

And after a coffee we took a rather long time over

it was time to go home already. On the way , we discovered a rather quirky arts and foods market 

and took some photo inspiration from the autumn leaves . ..

That’s 13 , I know . But I dropped two already and just couldn’t choose another one not to post . 


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