If I Didn’t Post a Picture, Did It Even Happen?

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In a world with an endless amount of social media platforms and communication outlets, it seems almost necessary to update friends and family on simply every exciting adventure in your daily life. But, only the positive things tend to be published for the world to see, leaving your life story on social media nothing but perfect.

If you do something cool, you post a picture. The better picture the more likes. The more likes, the more popular you feel. That’s the world we live in. Our perceptions of people are often based on their social media presence. How often do you find yourself referring to Instagram or Facebook accounts to figure out what people are doing/who they are dating/where they are in the world. Some people would quickly claim that they don’t participate in this behavior often referred to as “stalking,” but it’s there for the world to see…

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8 thoughts on “If I Didn’t Post a Picture, Did It Even Happen?

  1. Charis says:

    Indeed I’m watching all the described signs at my 22-year-old daughter. She’s following lots of people in their daily life using her smartphone from the early morning until dawn … 🙄


    • culbia says:

      I see part of this in myself. I like to post certain pictures, and I do sometimes think that this will reassure people that this really happened: our kitten has arrived, we have arrived at our holiday destination and it`s beautiful here, it`s the Italian restaurant we went to and not, as intended, the Indian one, and look, I really dyed my hair, just as I said I would…

      And I also see the posts of others through such eyes. If someone is waiting for news, I look out on facebook rather than wait or text her and ask.

      To me, facebook is an extension of my real life conversations rather than a parallel world.

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  2. Charis says:

    I’m no member of facebook and I don’t twitter – you see, I’m a rather conservative user of the net. But I post photos in my blog (though I’ve got no account on Instagram or similar services) and I’m interested in reading and communicating with others who are blogging – but I’m certainly not at home in a vitual world … 😉


  3. Charis says:

    Das ist anscheinend komplizierter, als ich dachte … 😕
    Ich hatte vor Jahren bei wordpress einen account reserviert, den ich nun benutze. Damals ging weder Charisma noch Charis, da habe ich einfach ‘charismatica’ eingetippt. Aber das Einfachste ist, meine mailaddi einzugeben: chr.geiger@gmx.de
    mit der logge ich mich auch immer ein … 😉
    Thanks for your confidence, I like reading “private” blogs … 🙂


  4. Weltbeobachterin says:

    I feel so lazy, because I don’t want to make all day long pics for some blogpost. Although I do like to take pictures.
    Sometimes I feel pressure with Whatsapp and the Whatsappgroups. I should write something and I don’t feel like writing back immidiately. I suspect, one particular person just want to present herself as the successful and happy person. I don’t like this. Thank you for sharing this blogentry


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