Humans of Jerusalem

If I could name one single best thing of the photography course I attended last year, this would be the fact that you are indeed allowed to photograph people in the street  (and other public places) and publish the the results:



The next one was shot right next to the Jewish Food Market (to which I need to devote an entry of its own!!) At first, I thought those were poor people raiding bins, but they were actually selling what looks like their own belongings on blankets. Not generally into poverty porn at all, but there is something about this picture that makes me want to include it:


There may be more (once I`ve been through all 700 of them!) but here is once again my favourite, which I already included here:



5 thoughts on “Humans of Jerusalem

    • culbia says:

      I wouldnt have photographed certain things at all previously (because I`d be too embarrassed), and certainly not blogged pictures with other people on it … I like the first one best, because from the boys` dress, you can easily place it in Israel, even though there`s not much in it.


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