Jerusalem: the Western Wall

The following pictures are a summary of quite a few visits to the Western Wall. I learnt to see it (or the Jaffa Gate) as a central site from which to remember directions to all other – particularly from the Bazaars in the Old Town, where I was still getting lost on my last day!

When I first arrived at this very holy site, it looked like this:


I had to show the content of my bags before I was allowed through (free of charge, but then again – can people be charged for praying? Still, I never found it overcrowded, which, given its great importance, I found really surprising.)

Do you see the woman behind the desk, under the umbrella where you come down the stairs. She hands out, in a very unobtrusive and friendly manner, additional clothing items to women who need it, and once again, I got mine because my skirt didn`t cover the knees.


This beautiful fountain with cans is for washing your hands before and after prayer, and I`ve seen them in bathrooms, too. Not generally one for souvenir shopping, I did buy one for myself, which is now standing prettily on my window sill in the bathroom, holding flowers.


After I was, once again, in a very friendly way, directed to the correct section for women, I was finally there:


(The picture of the men was taken from the tunnel above, which is leading to the Temple Dome, btw)

I am not a very religious person and never leave notes where it is custom to do so, however, it felt almost overwhelmingly special to be here – I can`t exactly explain why, but it might have something to do with this place being so widely associated with Jerusalem, and me wanting to come here for so long, and now, I was finally here, proudly taking a selfie:




3 thoughts on “Jerusalem: the Western Wall

    • culbia says:

      Das war schon was besonderes, da zu stehen, sie anzufassen und… ich kann das nicht beschreiben. Religion bedeutet mir nicht viel, und ich habe auch nicht viel Ehrfurcht vor alten und beruehmten Gemaeuern, aber dieses ist einfach so sinnbildlich fuer Jerusalem, und ich hab es schon so oft auf Bildern gesehn… Ich hab immer gedacht, irgendwann moechte ich mal richtig dabei stehen wie diese Maenner mit Baerten, Maenteln schwarzen Hueten sich vor dieser Mauer verbeugen und beten… und dann stand ich, mit nur 10 Tagen Vorlauf, da. Normalerweise plane ich meine Urlaube ja auch, aber hier hab ich tatsaechlich samstagsmorgens auf Facebook geschrieben “ich hab jetzt voellig unerwartet 3 Wochen frei und nichts zu tun”, und am Montag drauf stand ich an der Klagemauer. Das war so ueberwaeltigend, ein Kulturschock fast…


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