Jerusalem – Day 1-2

Apologies for the delay, but trust me, this is good for you, for I`m past wanting to blog every single detail!

The adventure started on Saturday 3 September.


The journey from Edinburgh to Tel Aviv, via Frankfur,t was very pleasant and felt much shorter than it was. I arrived at my hosts at around 2am on the Sunday morning, and although we never ever met before, we gratefully sank into our respective beds around 20 minutes later.

At around 5am, I was, rather unexpectedly, woken up by those guys:

The Muezzin`s call for prayer, to be repeated 5 times a day. You can see the Minaret in the next picture – it`s the small tower at 9am, if you imagine the picture as a clock. I think it sounds beautiful, and it provided the soundtrack to many daytime activities as well – shopping, eating out, or sitting on the balcony during day or at night.

A lot of the Sunday was spent bonding. Bandora`s husband works a Sunday, and, after a first impression of the German Quarter of Jerusalem, where we went for bread and cheese, we spent most of the day on this beautiful balcony chatting and enjoying to be here.


We instantly got on and felt comfortable in each other`s company. And this included her 5-year old who I was told could be so shy. She laughed when I said I was woken up by the Muezzin, when we were missing her baby seat in the car, I took her on my lap and that was us until the moment she looked away when I said Goodbye a week after.

When dad came, we went to Bethlehem together. I had planned a day trip to there, not knowing it was only about 15 minutes from us. I also didn`t appreciate that Bethlehem is in Palestine and that we were required to take our passports and drive through a checkpoint.

Bethlehem and the church, which is supposed to be the birth place of Jesus, are very beautiful, but unfortunately, I haven`t been able to make really nice pictures. I meant to go back, but there were so many other things to see and do that I never did.


By the time we left, it was dinner time, which was spent here, enjoying a breathtaking sunset:




7 thoughts on “Jerusalem – Day 1-2

  1. Wendy says:

    I really envy (in the most friendly way!) your opportunity to explore Israel with friends living there. Our 2 day excursions were just a glimpse comparing your experience!


    • culbia says:

      I suppose that`s the thing with cruises – you see a lot, but nothing “properly” unless you go back. I`ve never been to a cruise, but would consider it to explore an area but cannot make up my mind as to where I`d want to go (Caribbean, for me). But – you can go back.

      8 days were enough to see and do what mattered most, but not enough to see everything. I suppose I could have, if I really wanted to, but I don`t want to “overload” myself with experiences either. My auntie always fits in as much as she possibly can, and when she`s back home (probably exhausted!) and looks at the picture, then she realises what she`s all done. I don`t understand that.


      • Wendy says:

        You know – I enjoy cruising – and of course – whenever you come to a new port you just get a small impression of the city. But I learned to pick a few things to visit and to accept, that either I have the opportunity to revisit the port during another cruise or maybe I travel to this particular destination again – at a landbased holiday.
        I am glad enough, that both things happen often (I have been at Naples three times – and keep a to do list for further trips). I said goodbye a long time ago to the idea to see everything – I just enjoy what´s possible. And I make always enough time to enjoy a coffee or a drink at a local bar, or sitting at a park people watching…


        • culbia says:

          I fully agree. And not everything that`s on the “must see” lists you find on the internet is of interest for myself. I`ve been to Crete three times, but never to Knossos, as they are always things I`d rather do. A lazy day at the beach is definitely one of them 🙂


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