12 von 12 in September – an ordinary day in 12 pictures

What a lovely day to be the 12th and do this monthly activity showing what I did on an ordinary day in 12 pictures. The 12th September 2016 indeed represented very well what I do on a typical day. If only..


5am: As every day over the last week, I wake up to the voice of the Muezzin from the nearby Mosque. I really like his 5x daily Call to Prayer, but today was different, for it was the Muslim festival Eid Il Adha.

For close to 2 hours solid, he was chanting in the same repetetive tune. Eventually, I was adding techno music in my head, and when this didn`t help, I sighed and got up.


Today is my last day, and after a cup of strong coffee and a chat with my lovely host and her daughter (who is off school for the festival), it is time to go and buy my foodie gifts, with fresh dates being on top of the list. I never liked dates, until I bit into a fresh one at a stall in the Old Town. They are sweet, they are nutty, they are still a tiny bit sticky, but, contrary to what we have to content with here in the UK, even on the dried and semi dried ones, the skin is not hard. Those “rods” of dates grow from palm trees, and the season just started.


Breakfast, as always, was a rather enticing mixture of Germanic and local fare, and I tried to eat all but the nicest things just once so I could try as much as possible. There`ll be a separate blog about the food.


All good things come to an end…


Tel Aviv




My next Open University modules are online already, so I spent the flight starting with the one I was most looking forward to – Statistics. I`m rather fascinated with it already and really excited about my choice.



What a genius idea to provide exercise simulators for people to spend their time on while waiting on their flights! Much cheaper than shopping, healthier than Starbucks, and from their giggling and and laughing, I gather it was quite fun as well.




Unwrapping souvenirs – there were quite a few pieces of Armenian Pottery, a jug for the bathroom, spices, a head scarf, bangle and a packet of Arabic Cardamom Coffee which perfumed the whole suitcase.


As I said, and as the mother of this project wanted it to be -my day as it really was, without inflation and without editing.

The whole 9 days were really special – I had a wonderful time with wonderful people, and I saw and experienced so much. All will be revealed and blogged about, but give me time, because I also started a new job today, which is full time again (terrific first day, btw!!), and soon, we`re off again for a couple holiday. I also apologise in advance if I overlook something important from yourselves, but I probably won`t be able to catch up properly with 56 new entries…


10 thoughts on “12 von 12 in September – an ordinary day in 12 pictures

  1. Wendy says:

    I am glad you enjoyed your trip and I am sure you loved the experience! I visited Israel for 2 days at a cruise and they were packed with history, religion, fun and nature (we visited Jerusalem, took a bath at the death sea, visited Haifa and many christian historic sites.
    I would like to read more of your trip and see many pictures!

    Liked by 2 people

    • culbia says:

      Haifa, I didn`t manage, as this is quite far, but I`ve got so much to blog… 700+ pictures to chose from. Without an exasperated husband at my side, my camera and I ran riot lol…


  2. blogbellona says:

    ein 12er noch halb aus jerusalem, wie schön! 🙂 tolle einblicke, und toll dass du weiter so fleißig mitmachst. ich liebe das projekt, aber ich gucke mir am liebsten von blogfreunden die 12er an, die von den vielen anderen sind nicht wirklich interessant für mich. deshalb finde ich es schön, dass es hier doch noch die runde gemacht hat.

    Liked by 1 person

    • culbia says:

      Mir geht es genau so. Ab und zu browse ich mal einen 12 von 12 Eintrag von Unbekannten, das ist aber dann meist Langeweile 🙂

      Bei meinen eigenen Blogfreunden hab ich es richtig gern, mal an einem ganz normalen Tag teilzuhaben (der wahrscheinlich ohne das Projekt so nicht gebloggt werden wuerde).


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