The other day, I met this guy…



I had just started my last shift in my last job, when this  man came in with a pack of paperwork. He was going to start working with us as a locum.

His main job was a taxi driver, and he said that he liked being self employed and on zero hour contracts, for this allows him to work as much or as little as he wants at any given time. “And it goes like that,” he said, “work hard for a few months, then go travelling for one. Then work hard for another few months and travel for one… This year, I walked the Chinese Wall!”

I said I like the thought of that, but am too security conscious(*) not to have a permanent job with a guaranteed income.

(*) I think this comes from my parents. I grew up knowing from early on that I`ll be on my own if I get myself into trouble, particularly if self-inflicted. Although I`m married since 12 years, my subconscious cannot accept that my husband is different and that I can count his income towards mine.

“My dad died very suddenly at 55,” the new locum explained. “He always worked, never really lived. A year and a bit later, I was diagnosed with cancer. I`m alright now, but that`s changed me. I want to live. I want to live now, so I only work as much as I have to, in order do what I want to do. But if I drop at 55, I`ll have had all that.”

There was nothing I could say other than say that he is right.

Another guy has been made redundant, and before he`ll even look for a new job, he will travel Europe. My first thought was “How can he fritter all his redundancy money on travelling before even knowing when he will work again and how much he will earn!” but he said “I always worked, I have never done anything like that, and now, I have both the time and the money.”

He` s right, too.

It is me who is probably wrong. Voluntary Redundancy with a package and eager to jump straight to the next job. Annoyed about three weeks downtime. Not really liking it 100%, but not leaving until I`ve got another job. Again, annoyed about three weeks downtime.

I asked on Facebook for suggestions re how to fill them. “Come to us!” This was my friend in Jerusalem, who already invited us 10 years ago. But my husband is rather cautious with regards to going Eastwards, and we didn`t want to take our limited holidays separately.

Instead, I`m going for a 4th time to Crete and a 4th time to Portugal as well. Last year, we were in Malta, and I started to feel how everything was merging into one, taking away from the appreciation I felt for each holiday. It was there that I felt something needs to change, that I need to start experiencing different things.

My new job is just for a year, and my first thought with regards to Jerusalem was: save over that year and plan a visit for after the job has finished. And then, I thought why? It may become permanent, and I may have already planned my leave otherwise by the time I`ll know. It is now that I have three weeks spare. And my redundancy package is still there, I hardly touched it. And I also said I want to take a holiday on my own some time (although I had Paris in mind, which he is not interested in).

So I PNned her and asked if she was serious.

To cut the next bits short – it`s booked!!! I` m flying to Israel this Saturday coming to see my friend and her family, undertake tons of day trips on my own while she is working, and get fat from eating Ottolengi-style every single day. And I`ll make Instagram crash!!

Can`t put into words how excited I am!!



19 thoughts on “Travelling…

  1. Wendy says:

    I am proud of you! It is a big step the first time you do something apart from usual habits and it is really difficult. I know what I am talking about. I found it difficult to spend money for me just for pleasure (apart from travelling), always tried to build a proper nestegg. I am still in a learning process, but I am getting better 🙂

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    • culbia says:

      It was by sheer habit that I initially said no and started to plan it for the day that may never come (in this instance after my next job finishes) but the thought of it didnt leave my head at all, and I could think of no reason whatsoever why wait. I waited over 10 years already, that`s how old the invite is!!! But something inside me says it`s indulgent to have two foreign holidays in one month (which it is, but I may probably never do it again…)


    • culbia says:

      I think Israel will be my photographer`s dream, as it`ll contain all the things I like photographing. I need to really take care not so spam. Do you have a clever idea re how I can share pictures across platforms without overloading? I was thinking of the new instagram function which makes pictures disappear after 24 hours, but not everyone who wants photos has instagram. Then, I was thinking of making a whatsapp group, but some people are very cautious re privacy and dont want to be in a group with others whom they don`t know…


  2. Lilith says:

    Hammer! Ich glaube fast, ich würd mich das nicht trauen, ich käm da nie an! Orientierungssinn gleich Null, ich würd nicht mal in den richtigen Flieger finden.^^
    Auf die Fotos freu ich mich! 🙂

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    • culbia says:

      Hab ich letztes Jahr schon irgendwann gedacht, dass ich das irgendwann mal machen will… allein wo hin fahren (wobei ich hier ja nicht ganz allein bin). Aber einfach mal alleine was erkunden, nicht bedenken muessen was mein Mann mag (der ist zum Beispiel nicht immer so geduldig, wenn ich fotografiere, und ich nicht wenn er was trinken will). Ich hab immer gedacht, ich fahr nach Paris, denn da will er nicht hin. Aber Jerusalem find ich schon sehr iel aufregender. Da wollte ich schon immer hin, und frag mich nicht warum das so lange gedauert hat. Aber das passt jetzt einfach alles 🙂

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      • Lilith says:

        Meine Hochachtung hast Du! Ich hätte Schiss, gaz alleine auf Reisen zu gehen. Deine Beweggründe kann ich gut verstehen, ist bei uns ähnlich, deshalb machen wir, auch im gemeinsamen Urlaub, oft getrennte Sachen.


        • culbia says:

          Das hab ich noch nie gemacht, getrennte Unternehmungen im gemeinsamen Urlaub. Doch, zweimal. Einmal wollte er unbedingt Wimbledon gucken, und einmal haben wir uns gestritten ☺


          • Lilith says:

            Och, doch, haben wir diesen Urlaub auch paar Mal gemacht. Und im Oktober in England machen wir das wieder. Der Gatte geht Bingo spielen, ich mach Beauty, ich geh shoppen, der Gatte macht was mit seiner Familie. 🙂


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