12 von 12 oder A Day in Pictures

Following inspiration from here and my own debut last month, here come my 12 pictures of 12 August 16 – I`m afraid they are rather boring, but that` s supposed to be part of the idea. To show what we are doing on an ordinary day rather than just write about the especially exciting ones.

Waking up with Leo, our Siamese cat. He loves this sheep skin blanket and enjoys kneeding and sucking it for hours. I think it reminds him of his mum. Sometimes he blends in so well, that I don`t see him at all.


Cuddles in the Bathroom with Amber. That` s also a recurring part of every morning routine – Amber joining whoever goes into the bathroom first and getting plenty of attention and cuddles in there, where Leo doesn `t disturb her wanting his turn.


New blouse – we`ve been charity shopping last week. My friend needed something for a special occasion as well as some advice, but, rather predictably, I came home with four things for myself as well.


Don`t ever expect much action from me before I had this:


Latest addition to our kitchen: a Dehydrator. After toying with the idea since years (!) I finally gave in after trying what my friend has made with hers.


Been drying nectarines overnight, and one again, they are as delicious as they look. In addition, their delicious sweet perfume was permeating half the house after less than an hour…


Giftwrapping for cats – as the recipient loves cats, too, I printed this photo and put it into her card.


I` m working a late shift today, which is 2-8pm – just short enough for me not to need an unpaid break, which I think is genious. Busy day, as we were having our annual inspection.


I came home to the delicious smell of garlic – pizza tonight! We always buy the basic one from Lidl and then dress it up ourselves. If I do it, there`ll be a side salad, if he does, it` s a glass of red wine. It was his turn last night 🙂


3 pictures spare. Here`s another two of a little girl who was violently sick earlier today and still seemed a bit under the weather here. I love the way she arranged her little feet.


For a 12th picture, I was going to snap a view from my bed or something like that, but frankly, I forgot.


6 thoughts on “12 von 12 oder A Day in Pictures

  1. twinkletoes says:

    Love your pictures. They’re not boring at all. The 2nd one is really arty. 🙂

    You’ve got a dehydrator! Great, have you made kale chips yet? My absolute favourite.


    • culbia says:

      I edited this picture a bit as there is a massive loo roll in the background, and my face wasn`t made up, lol.

      Can you give me your recipe for Kale chips, please, so I can try? For savouries, so far I made onions (massaged with dhukkah spice!!), carrots (with garam masala), tomatoes (with lemon and oregano) and sweet red peppers (plain). Not too keen on the carrots, but everything else will be repeated!


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