Abinesserkatze or: my Contribution to #Caturday

Do you, too, know those words which, once learnt wrongly, stick forever in your mind wrong? “Abyssinian Cat” was one of those for me. I forever loved cats and was given books about cats from the moment I was able to read. They were usually lexica where every breed was introduced, generously illustrated, in alphabetical order.

The Abyssinian Cat was always first, and somehow, the word manifested in my head as Abinesserkatze. It was only when I broke to my sister that we were going to have such a beautiful creature to live with us that she explained that they were, in fact, called Abessinierkatze. I looked it up and was amazed that she was right. German language is notoriously hard, even for Germans.

The cat, whatever the name of her breed, came and is the most beautiful sight my eyes have ever beheld…

Amber on her perch in the conservatory
Catching a fly in the bathroom.

No, seriously. I know, she looks like you have shown her a sweety and then took it away without giving her some but she`s looking after a fly who once again went somewhere she could not get her.

Amber and her adopted brother Leo in our bed
Amber and Leo in our washing 🙂


No, of course, they aren`t allowed, which makes it even cuter!! I opened the door, which wasn`t shut properly, and that`s what I found…

Amber`s Abyssinian cat Feet


Leo looking daft when he plays
Leo looking daft when he sleeps
Leo and Amber Couple Shot


BONUS TRACK: Dudley, the Ragdoll

Dudley lives with our amazing cat sitter Christine, since Thursday. She actually didn`t want another cat again when her last one died (that`s why she took just about everybody else`s in for their holidays – and I can tell you, they get spoilt rotten!!!), but when she saw on the internet, that this beautiful chap was needing a new home, her heart just melted and the rest is, as they say, history…

I had to laugh when she told me what her sister said when she told her that she was getting him. “Does this mean that everything will be full of cat hair again???”

Ehem… Definitely, with this chap…

You can click the pictures to enhance their size. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Abinesserkatze or: my Contribution to #Caturday

  1. weltbeobachterin says:

    Das passiert mir auch, ich hab einen Namen eines Buchcharakters immer falsch gelesen. Ich dachte er hieß Kettleback, dabei heißt er Kettleblack. Die Katzen sind wirklich edel. Sie sind schlank und haben ausdrucksvolle Augen.
    Dudley schaut süß aus und ich verstehe, dass Christine sich für ihn entschieden hat.


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