Retina Photomarathon – Edinburgh, 2016

On Sunday, we finally went to enjoy the fruit of our labour last Saturday – the Retina Photomarathon Exhibition in Ocean Terminal Shopping Centre!

I deliberately held off the blog, although I already mentioned this rather exciting project here. And let me tell you, it was hard work. Much harder work than we anticipated and far from spending a nice day in town with a couple of girlfriends snapping some pictures.

The projects were often challenging, and the first ideas that came to mind not always feasible, so there was a lot of walking about, looking around and looking to get inspired.

The pictures had to be taken in a particular order, so we could be really stuck with one or walking large distances to do them all. It turned out to be a good thing that we did not always stick to the first idea we had in mind for something, as a great many people, for example, photographed cakes in “pink”. We were a great team, each with their own strengths and ideas, which we brainstormed constantly during the day to everybody`s benefit. As the day came to an end, our feet were aching, and we just wanted to get finished, so there were instances where we shot a bit less mindfully just to be able to move on.


my pedometer that day…

While there were a few mishaps for a few people along the way, the last picture was sadly spoilt for everyone. We noticed on the day, and when we were told during the week by email that there was a fault with the cameras, it was a relief, because we were not the only only ones.

We were amazed at the creativity we saw at the exhibition, but that`s good, because we all want to develop ourselves, so it`s good to look towards those who are nearer the goal already. Nevertheless, I felt a proper sense of pride when I walked through this exhibition and saw my own shots displayed among those of such a great many very gifted people!


my entries


proud photographer

All entries can be seen online here sorted by topic, with the cover photo being the winner of each category (my camera was no 30).


3 thoughts on “Retina Photomarathon – Edinburgh, 2016

  1. sternenkratzer says:

    Die Idee finde ich wirklich fantastisch. Muss mal gucken, ob es das hier auch irgendwo gibt.
    Deine Bilder finde ich auch toll. Das pinke mag ich auch sehr. Du siehst da richtig frisch, glücklich und hübsch aus. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    • culbia says:

      Das finde ich ehrlich gesagt auch, und dieses Foto hat auch eine kleine Geschichte. Es entstand in einem Charity Shop in Leith Walk. Wir haben uns einfach pinkfarbene Kleider rausgesucht, uns ueber den Hut gefreut, und als wir den pinkfarbenen Vorhang zur Umkleidekabine aufmachten (VOR dem wir einander eigentlich ablichten wollten), haben wir alle geschrien vor lauter Begeisterung ueber die pinkfarbene Innenausstattung mit dem Blumen, die so gut zu dem Hut passten… Es war als haetten wir gerade einen Schatz gefunden!!

      Zu den anderen hab ich eher gemischte Gefuehle (viele sind etwas verdorben, aber ich glaube die meisten Teilnehmer hatten derlei Enttaeuschungen), aber das pinke und das daneben mit der Lampe, die find ich schon selber sehr ansehnlich (wobei das Pinke Beate geschossen hat)

      Liked by 1 person

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