12 vor 12 or: Just an Ordinary Day

Today, I`m going to take part in 12 vor 12 – always wanted to, never did. The idea is to, on the 12th of every month, post 12 pictures of what you have done this day – and to ensure you really make this an ordinary day and not design it to look good on the pictures (I always loved this “antidote to showy facebook”-element :-)). With many people in my reading list taking part every month, there` s always a very refreshing collection or pictures to see – pictures of people doing nothing more glam than going on with their day to day lives.

So here comes my debut:

Before I`m allowed to make my own coffee, I have to do this: Switch the tap on for Amber, our Abyssinian cat. We didn` t know this before she moved in with us, but on reading this up, we learnt that Abbies are famous for their love of water, and there are pictures like this all over Instagam:


After she had her morning drink, she will let me know that she would like access to her conservatory by rattling the keys:


A dutyful servant to Mylady, I`ll come and open the door for her before returning to my computer.


After an hour or so of doing fun things over my morning coffee and breakfast, it`s time for work: Leo and I are studying the last book of the first module.


My husband takes our washing out and brings back fresh berries from our own garden.


And while he goes to yoga, the cats and I do a bit of tidying up.


As usual, Leo is more a hinderance than a help – constantly demanding kisses and cuddles – and who could resist those glacier blue eyes?


I then cook our dinner, so it`s almost ready when I come home tonight.


I never work a Tuesday, so I go to town…


… run my errands (today: Chinese Supermarket, Middle Eastern Supermarket and Indian Eye Brow Threading Parlour – oh, how I love the multiculturalness of Leith Walk, above)…



… and then see my friend and her children for an hour of learning German.


Home for 7. Dinner was good, but a bit rich with a whole packet of Feta in it. Early night, I think.





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