Another Blog about Photography

I`m highly aware that I`m writing about photography all the time at the moment, but it`s what I`m into a lot right now. I always was, to an extent, but it`s amazing how much creative energy I`ve got since I left my last job and no longer work full time.

Smartphone vs Camera

As I`ve added so many new photos to my library, I` m currently in the process of deleting some old ones, and I`m fascinated. For a long time, I thought I did not need a proper camera because my smartphone made decent enough pictures. Now, after only a year or so of owning a proper camera, I am properly shocked at the quality of what I thought were nice photos.

(Crete, 2013, shot on Samsung Galaxy S3)

The drink and the boat are photoshopped, because even at my then standards, the quality of the original was intolerable. What I still like in all is that they all capture a mood, and I instinctively applied what I know know is called “the golden triangle” – there are three different things in each picture which each take up roughly a third of the whole image, making it overall very pleasing to the eye. Technically however, they are … dull where there was no natural sunlight, and not sharp where subjects were too far away.

I`m almost grieving for the photos I haven`t got. I may go back to Italy but not Charleston, SC. But at the time, I was pleased with what I came home with and happy to show them on facebook (where the standard of holiday snaps,of course, is generally low). It`s just since I visit other sites online, that I` m saying I like to think I have a good eye for composition (and I`m pleased to hear others agree), but I still need to work my technical skills.

Although I already did a course last year, this was tought on a Canon, so I now bought a book that`s specifically about my Nikon D5500. While people keep recommending photoshop, I think this is too advanced for me at the moment- there are several free apps, which all do different things and together meet my needs. I` d hope if the raw picture is of high quality, it won` t need much correction, and any editing would be for artistic reasons (the fun thing).

Photo Marathon

Jointly with two other photo-mad friends, I`ll be doing this rather exciting activity in 2 weeks. For 12 hours on 16 July, we are going to get 12 tasks and a disposable camera that`s able to take 12 photos. And that` s the challenge: you can only take one picture per project so need to really think about how to approach this. You get a set of 4 tasks each at 10am, 2pm and 6pm, which means that you`ll probably have to stay in Edinburgh, where the fringe festival is now under way.

Although there`s prices for the best entries, ALL submissions will feature in a free, week long exhibition of what will probably be a large and diverse collection of pictures of Edinburgh and the Fringe festival. I already saw this project last year but did not feel quite ready for it, but this year, I` m incredibly excited about it!!

Home Exhibition

Meanwhile, I now started my own little exhibition at my home. I`ll tell you about this another time, as apparently, most people don`t like to read blogs exceeding 500 words. 🙂








































5 thoughts on “Another Blog about Photography

    • culbia says:

      I`ll not get to take the pictures home with me right away, I think – it`s a disposable camera, so I`ll need to wait to the exhibition and then find my pictures among all the other entrants` (unless it`s a polaroid, in which case I can take a pic of the pic before I hand it in…) It`ll be really inspiring, and for me, the comparison with others will be more interesting than the actual contest…

      Liked by 1 person

    • culbia says:

      Im kleinen Format gefallen sie mir auch weiterhin, aber wenn man sie aufblaest, sehe ich doch in allen Unfeinheiten, die mir mit der Kamera jetzt nicht mehr passieren wuerden. Insbesondere die Farbe. Seit ich eine richtige Kamera benutze, finde ich alle Handyfotos, die ich nicht im strahlenden Sonnenschein gemacht hab,e grau…


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