Brexit – The clock is ticking

I never really considered myself qualified to write about politics, but blogging from Scotland, for an international audience, I cannot possibly omit Brexit.

For me personally, this means that I`m now a EU citizen living in a non EU country, and noone has yet been able to say exactly what this will mean for me and millions like me. Because, even though this referendum affected us a bit more than most others, we were not allowed to cast a vote, I decided to cross this bridge when it comes, and, right to the end, I really did not believe that it would come to this.

But the unimaginable did happen – with a majority that`s so close it almost physically hurts, the British people voted to leave the European Union. ALL constituencies within Scotland voted to remain, but there weren`t enough of us who actually voted. Although I was never one who considered voting as a duty, the low turnout disappointed indeed.

One cannot help but think about the Scottish Independence Referendum less than two years ago. One of my big concerns was EU membership of an independent Scotland, but although people seemed generally confident, noone could confirm for definite that we would remain a member. Now we are out, because we stayed in. One very passionate YES voter said at the time he didn`t want to be governed by the English any more – they vote totally differently from us (e.g. Conservatives and Brexit), but as part of the UK, Scotland has to follow suit. Another passionate YES voter hoped that today` s result may trigger another Scottish Independence Referendum ending up in a YES vote after all.

I`d vote YES without any hesitation now.

To be continued.

I`ll end this entry by forwarding an excellent post of a Glasgow Independence campaigner, the Wee Ginger Dug.


So that’s it then. The sun has risen but the darkness falls. The nightmare has happened. The nightmare is here. Two Unions lie broken. Last night England broke the Unions, and chose for us. C…

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One thought on “Brexit – The clock is ticking

  1. Wendy says:

    You know what I think about it – and you know – for me it is something I would call “painful”. I always felt more “european” than “german” – and being “european” made me more “german” during the years – difficult to explain – but I was always proud of the idea of an united Europe. So this day was a really really hard day for me.


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