Yarn bombing in Musselburgh

I`ve come across this kind of street art before, and I now discovered that it even has a name: Yarn bombing.

Yarn bombing seems to be trending as an alternative to graffiti – always cheerful and peaceful, never aggressive and obscene, and I also think it spreads an air of generosity. After all, someone has spent a lot of time and money making those pretty little things, often very evidently with a lot of love, and then they take them to public spaces for everybody to enjoy. Feminine is a good word that springs to my mind (while I always associated graffiti with masculinity).

This is part of those which can be admired in my town at the moment:


Photos from others also show a line of fish which has been draped around a boat at the harbour, so need to go back and have another look…


6 thoughts on “Yarn bombing in Musselburgh

    • culbia says:

      Ja, das finde ich auch. Ich dachte zuerst die promoten damit was, aber es scheint wohl wirklich aus Spass an der Freude gemacht und angebracht worden zu sein und verdient, wie ich finde, im Netz verbreitet zu werden.

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