… and then we were on a boat (Rhein in Flammen)

Rhine on Flames is an annual spectacle during which all (!) villages and cities alongside a particular stretch of the river Rhine are putting on fireworks in a consecutive order. There are fun fairs and camping, or you can book yourself a ticket on one of 60 boats travelling slowly alongside all fireworks, so you can enjoy a full two hours of them, against the spectacular scenery of the area`s hills and castles, ending with the great finale in Bonn, our formal capital.

Here, in the park Rheinauen, I remember many a Rhine on Flames with my friends, wearing silly headbands that glowed in the dark, eating deep fried fish in a roll, and daring each other to go on those crazy rides. I once even went on a date there – we sat on the same small jacket in the grass watching the dramatic firework display and then holding each other`s hand all the time while rushing back to the tram, careful not to lose each other as thousands of others came along.

I`ve been on the boat before, when I was around 20 (my aunt worked for one of the sponsors, and her husband was on duty), but I wanted my husband to experience it, too. It was hard to photograph as I and all the other boats and fireworks were moving, and it was even harder to chose from the many photos that I have:

Leaving Linz


Moving North


(for those with an interest in history – the tower belongs to the Bridge of Remagen, whose story in WW II was turned into a movie)

dsc_2127.jpgThe Grand Finale


Too many photos? I hope not. If so – sorry 🙂

And if you are interested, the good news is that you won`t have to wait until next year – there are more events upcoming on other parts of the Rhine until September – see link at the beginning of this post for dates.


5 thoughts on “… and then we were on a boat (Rhein in Flammen)

    • culbia says:

      Ich empfehle es wirklich. Nur ein einziges Mal. Es ist einfach atemberaubend, und wir hatten unglaubliches Glueck mit dem Wetter. Das haette es echt verderben koennen…


    • culbia says:

      Dann klick mal den LInk ganz oben – wie gesagt, auch fuer dieses Jahr ist es noch nicht vorbei. Aber ich glaube die Schiffe muss man schon ziemlich weit im Voraus buchen, die sind immer voll…


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