Decluttering Toiletteries: Makeup

This is a photo of all the makeup (foundation) I`ve got:


Contrary to my seven body lotions, these did not accumulate by themselves – I bought each of them deliberately.

At the very front, you see my all time favourite ever since I first tried it in 2008: Bare Minerals. I use the compressed powder (£26.oo plus £24.00 for the special brush at the back), as I found the lose powder too messy (clothes!!), and the liquid make up too thin/light. I think I`ll keep using Bare Minerals forevaandevaandeva, but there`s certain days in the month, where this is just not enough, which is why, over some time, I collected some other items:

First, I bought the stick from Bobbi Brown (£26.oo), which is incredibly fast to apply: I just draw a number 3 on each cheek and then blend this in with my hands. Great coverage while very natural looking, but oil based and makes my skin break out if I use it continuously for, say, a week.

That`s why I bought L`Oreal True Match (£ 9.99) as well. This doesn`t give me spots, but use any more than just a thin layer, and you can see it (Did I buy the right colour???), which is why it was joined first by a Blur Cream (£7.99 – waste of money! It`s meant to smooth out pores, which it does, but my problem is breakouts, which this does not cover) and then the Mac product (£ 22.oo). This is a yellow liquid which, applied on red areas, neutralises their colour and makes them less visible underneath your usual makeup. This works, while still looking natural.

A couple of weeks ago, I was given a sample of Estee Lauder`s Double Wear (£32.oo) in the small plastic bottle. They take a close up photo of your skin and then mix a color to match in front of you. I chose medium coverage, and was properly amazed at how it made my skin look – smooth, dewy, and not at all made up – simply perfect!! I would have bought this on the spot, if I didn`t have so much already (but previously, I would have!!)! Unfortunately, oil based, too, so what I think I`ll do is use up all the other stuff and then buy just this to use alongside my Bare Minerals on acne days and special days. May need a different colour for summer and winter, but at the moment, this one is what I think the best looking makeup I ever had!!



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