Next Project: Fitness

After I returned to Facebook and decided that not drinking is definitely a keeper, I`ve embarked on my next project at the end of February: fitness. I binge exercise, and not even work part time has got me into a proper, regular regime. When I got offered 2 free personal training sessions however, I decided to make this a jump start.

After the two sessions, I now have two training plans, which I`m alternating: one for the arms (weak!!!) and one for legs and core (strong, because I run). I was properly angry after my first session – it was so hard, and I constantly had to lower the weights, which did nothing for my self esteem. However, I`ve been doing all exercises ever since and, despite my strong scepticism, I`m already finding it easier and dutyfully increased *all* exercises to four sets as of last weekend. Because the workouts are brief (about 30 mins each), I find it easy to make the time. 45 Minutes are all I need to feel good about myself for the rest of the day, and into the next. For me, fat is definitely a feeling!!

When I`m not going to the gym, I try to walk longer distances outside. In good weather, that`s always been easy, but I`m surprised how good the weight lifting feels. I tried it on and off, but never stuck to it, as I simply didn`t enjoy it. But I now know what motivates me, and I enjoy that sensation of feeling so weak afterwards that I want to do no more. Feeling that weak makes me feel so strong, and I almost fondly remember this impossibly difficult intro session, that was only 3 weeks ago!!

Here`s an excerpt of my pedometer (pre-installed S Health for Android, also recommend Noom Walk for Android or IPhone) since I started. The columns indicate daily step count and turn green when I exceed 10.000 steps. The pink circles say I was at the gym, blue is a rest day.

My challenge now is that I had minor surgery and shouldn`t lift weights with that arm for 11 days (scar may stretch), plus full time work and going away for three days as well. It`ll be interesting to compare the difference after I kept working one arm but not the other…


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