Malta: Gozo

When you see pictures of Malta, and everything is looking really old, and it`s not a city (Valletta), then you are likely to be looking at Gozo, a small island 25 mins (by ferry) off Malta.

Gozo was stunning – very pitorescque, and almost historic feeling. Although there are 4 hotels on this island, you`ll find none of those modern high rises that spoil St Julian`s.

This is how Gozo greeted us when we arrived:



The world`s second oldest man made religious structures – Ġgantija, the neolithic temple dating back to 3600 BC. We weren`t even allowed to touch.


That`s in Victoria/Rabat (surprisingly many Arabic names, architecture and writing all over Malta, and the occasional lady in full hijab. I even saw hints of this heritage in food – stews and spices). Religion is very, very important to the Maltese:



Ending with one picture of my modest self. Could have done a brief boat trip through those caves into the open sea, but we were thirsty, so we treated ourselves to a bottle of Kinnie instead. It`s a bit like herbal coca cola. My husband liked it, I didn`t. May habe been better with a measure of rum in it…




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