No Facebook – what became of it?

In mid December, I made a resolution to skip facebook for a month.

Those who followed me with this will know that I was not entirely successful – I shared my Instagram photos to facebook and convinced my husband to tag me a couple of times. I also visited to read and reply to the comments I received to my farewell post. On the plus side, I didn`t feel remotely tempted to look up other people. However, it should be no surprise that I returned to facebook and decided to keep it in my life.

I`m linked to 106 people there, and after I deleted three or four, that`s 106 people I want to stay in touch with. I don`t see them all regularly, so without facebook, I would need to phone a friend almost every day to speak to each of them three times a year. Replace one or two of those calls with a face to face meeting, and most of us wouldn`t have either time or money to keep all those people in our lives.

Some people claim facebook is fake, but the more closely I look, the more I`m finding that it usually mirrors pretty much how people are offline. Yes, people brag, but those who brag on facebook will also brag offline. All that facebook does is giving them more exposure.

Some say facebook exposes people, but these people will usually expose themselves eventually. You could argue that facebook lets them get away with less. A friend of mine (not on facebook) has just learnt through facebook that her ex was already in another relationship before they “properly” split. It`s hard, but it also confirmed that she was right to stop fighting and that she does not need to hope for him to come back.

I read a lovely book named “Tales from Facebook“, which described many facebook phenomenons from many different perspectives and which mellowed me even towards some of the things I used to find annoying. Even though I still find them a bit juvenile, I have to agree that the so called “cryptic posts” are often amusing and intriguing, and that rants, albeit often cringey, are also very refreshing on a platform where so many show themselves and their lives only at their best. And as far as my pet hate No 1 is concerned – videos, jokes and inspirational quotes -, someone suggested that people may be so self conscious nowadays about posting anything too personal, that they resort to sharing other people`s content if they want to keep sharing anything at all. Makes sense to me.

Maybe, I had to (try to) do without it for a bit in order to really appreciate facebook for keeping me connected with so many people, and like them who run it, it`s got its down days or brag days or expose a cheating boyfriend days, etc. 🙂




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