More about St Julian`s, Malta


You`ll probably agree that at first sight, St Julian`s is beautiful and all we typically associate with the Mediterranean.

The picture below however shows why I did`t like it that much. It was hard to photograph without any of those ugly hotels or blocks of flats spoiling the scene of those ancient buildings you see at the front, and neither was it easy to get away from British food and pub culture. We made some lovely trips to Valletta, Gozo, and other parts of the island, which I`ll still show you, and which were indeed beautiful. We also enjoyed the weather and the cats; but St Julian`s (which, BTW, has a large clubbing district) was just the wrong resort.


… and to finish, this is the spectacular rain storm I wrote about in this blog here, 20 December:



2 thoughts on “More about St Julian`s, Malta

  1. blogbellona says:

    bearbeitest du deine bilder? die sehen so unglaublich bunt aus und das selbst auf meinem laptop, der bilder eigentlich immer bisschen blass macht. also, ich find’s schön, keine frage, wollte nur mal wissen was du da machst.


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