Alcohol Free: Into Week 4


Tonight, I really fancy a drink. As I left work, two of our residents were dying. Both are in their 90ties, and one of them, I never met, but I`m feeling for the families and for my colleagues who have to deal with it tonight, and I really would have liked a glass of wine, so I can de-stress. But of course, it wouldn`t have prevented matters, and most importantly, my husband poured himself water, too. I never asked him not to drink (and neither do I feel I should), but I made a remark, and he said he realised he was drinking too much – no, not necessarily more per sessions, but more often – since he retired. Although my initial resolution was stay off drink only until I really, really fancy it (which I do) I am much too impressed with and supportive of him.


I had a rum baba though, yesterday. Hubby offered me a taste of his own, and I forgot. But my resolution isn`t about the substance perse but about drinking and how it was forming a habit.


Today, a man complained to me about his own drinking, totally randomly. You could almost think he discovered my blog. He`s retired, and he said both him and his wife drank way too much ever since – at least a bottle and a half of wine a night between them, and sometimes two. He, too, sees it as a bad habit rather than a substance problem, but he, too, is starting to feel concerned.


Ever since I stopped drinking I eat more sweets, but I don`t know whether this is because I have a real need for something, or just because I bought them. I was scared I`d miss wine too much without them, but I will now stop buying them – consider it the next step… BTW, my weight is still the same. Although this wasn`t a concern or goal, I had been wondering whether anything would happen in that department.

I read this book here. When I` doing those projects, I don`t want to just experience them, I also want to get some input from others. I`m finding the author a bit full of himself, but I like his approach. It`s the same as Alan Carr`s “Stop Smoking”, which instantly helped me do the very thing almost 20 years ago. He basically tells us how alcohol is just a big marketing ploy that our whole society has bought into. Alcohol doesn`t make a good night, vacation or celebration, but it`s associated with it because it`s always there. We drink it automatically, just as we eat cake at a birthday party, even though we`re watching our weight, because everybody else does, and it would be rude not to.

I`ve got night out coming up. I had already decided on the venue when my husband showed me a Groupon deal for 57% off cocktails and tapas. My first impulse was BUY!, thinking even if others don`t want a cocktail, I`ll manage four over the course of the night, since it`s my own party. I had genuinely considered giving the drinking ban a break for that night (anyway), but I really don`t miss drinking a single bit, so it would have been drinking for drinking`s sake, because I have an excuse. My favourite dish there is not a tapa, and I expect to have the same level of fun and much more stamina with lime and soda, as I would have drinking 4 Capirinha cocktails. And BTW, I`m working the next day, so I have a good excuse for not drinking, too.


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