A month without Facebook – Day 29 to finish

Monday 18 January

Why, oh why, did I bother at all to go back on facebook? I didn`t miss it that much, and so far, I haven`t seen a single thing that made me think, I`m glad I` back and didn`t miss that. Some things about it are nice, but there`s just as many that annoy me, for example this beauty here:


Sunday 17 January

4 days back and here was my first “cryptic” post. Someone was clearly upset. Someone else asked – “I`ll PN you.” Unfollowed, too, as repeat offender.

Saturday 16 January



Friday 15 January

Facebook is a life style?? This thought occurs to me for the first time ever, but as soon as I` back on it its culture seeps back into other areas of my life, e.g. me being distracted from my studies by the internet (not just facebook) or me wanting to photograph the usual things, even though I`m not intending to put them on facebook.

Thursday 14 January

I think I decided on a strategy how to “handle” facebook from now on. I`ll not say, though, as people may feel put out.

Wednesday 13 January

That`s my facebook free month officially over now!! After considering several options (incl. deleting my profile and starting a new one, until I realised how well connected my contacts are with each other, even across countries, so I couldn`t possibly friend only some of them without the other ones noticing), I finally installed the facebook app on my new phone, updated my profile pic and also posted a pic/short video of each cat.

It felt nice to get all the likes from all my contacts. Words were not necessary. My phone didn`t flash for likes, just comments, and I`m not going to change the settings. And will catch up with my contacts online bit by bit.

Tuesday 12 January

The same things that bother me on facebook can also happen here. I had to PN someone raising her posting graphic pictures of dying people. If it wasn`t someone I know personally and for a very long time, I may have just unfollowed her. On facebook, I know most, so inhibitions to unfollow or criticise are high. But at least, you can hide individual posts.

 Monday 11 January

I had a little selfie session and updated my profile picture everywhere but on Facebook. Facebook will still have me wearing a Christmas hat, but this can wait another two days.

And everyone will have posted about David Bowie. As with terrorism etc, I principally don`t post about deceased celebrities, but posting your own picture instead would feel wrong as so many people feel affected by David`s passing. I felt like this with Paris. Everyone was posting how awful it is, etc. I didn`t, but I was going to post something about my own life and then didn`t, as I didn`t want people to think of me as ignorant.

I`m noticing how much this is all about what others think, but then again, isn`t that what facebook is all about? Image making?

Sunday, 10 January

I still send some pictures privately to a few people (for example, of the cats or of my holiday), but although quite a few more would enjoy them on facebook, somehow, their enjoyment and approval of them don`t matter enough for me to include them in a whatsapp.

Facebook allows people to stay around who otherwise wouldn`t have, and it probably depends on who we are talking about whether this is a good thing or not. Those are the kind of posts I like – they make me feel I`m still participating somehow, and me posting myself invites them to my life, too. That`s got nothing to do with voyeurism or exhibitionism, but it overcomes the constraints of geography and our increasingly busy lives without us having to “bump” people from them, while being able to prioritise who really matters.


4 thoughts on “A month without Facebook – Day 29 to finish

    • culbia says:

      That sounds healthy! I`m using it much less since I had some time out, maybe scroll through the posts on my phone once or twice a day, rather than having a window on all the time while I`m on the computer doing something else…


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