A Month without Facebook – Day 22 -28

Saturday, 9 January

As I`m not on facebook, I don`t feel I`m expected to say something about the events in Cologne, which is home. When Paris was attacked, I certainly was, as an increasing number of people changed their profile picture. Just one did the same for Mali three weeks later. He received a big, fat like, for that`s exactly why I`m not participating. I think it`s obsolete, and if you think it`s not, I think you should do it for everyone, and not just for those on your doorstep.

Friday 8 December

As the stream of input coming from facebook is becoming more distant, I am slowly running out of things to say about it.

I`m meeting a friend tonight (the one who contacted me after reading my farewell message), which, on facebook, would have caused dilemmas. I`m not one of those people who broadcast every social event there, but the last time we met, I felt I was withholding from others, who could have been upset about not being asked along. Today, I won`t have this problem. I`m not using facebook, so the question whether to post a selfie (be totally open about it) or not is non existent. I feel immature thinking about such things but believe me, it`s an issue with some.

The last time I read something on facebook from this friend, her cat has died, and I`m wondering whether I should pay a quick visit to her timeline to see what else she was up to that I can ask her about. Some say facebook replaces face to face conversation, but it can stimulate it as well.

Thursday 7 January

What would an ideal social networking site look like for me?

  • It would not offer the facility to share/forwarded each other`s posts, or alternatively add a function to mute such posts, for that`s how my timeline became full of jokes, horoscopes, petitions, etc. Keep the option to share things from other websites, e.g. youtube or articles from the internet (although I had to think about that for a minute)
  • It would not suggest people to befriend or show “x and y just became friends”
  • People couldn`t post on each other`s timeline by tagging them – you could only do that yourself. (I`ve seen tagging at parties leading to jealousy; others used it for advertising a political party or petition, which I`m not necessarily supporting, but which was on my timeline until I saw and removed it)
  • You can see if you are blocked. Yes, you can. I was blocked by someone who kept commenting on joint friends` posts, and I could read their replies (containing her name) but not the original comment. Plus, tags are showing as normal text rather than links. It didn`t feel nice, so maybe keep tags and comments if you`re blocking someone.

A lot of things are up to the individual user, of course, but I think those things would help a lot.

Wednesday 6 January 

An interesting thing from Malta. When you click on a pub or restaurant`s free WiFi network, it directs you to facebook and asks you to check in with them or like their page. Underneath, there`s a small print saying “use code instead”. (I made a screenshot for you but stupidly deleted it when I swapped my phone.) The waitress was really surprised when I asked for the code: “You`re not on facebook?? I swear, she shrieked. Most everybody has facebook, at least those who are into social networking. That`s why it is so hard to get away from it.

Oh, and another thing – there`s an app for my Galaxy S6 edge that runs a facebook stream along the side bar. Now that is unhealthy…

Tuesday 5 January 

Facebook is definitely not important. Actually, it never was, more like a bad habit – one that annoyed me, but that I continued regardless. BTW, I already abandoned “a picture a day”. There is just not something to photograph every day.

Monday 4 January 

Bit bored, but not even remotely tempted to look at facebook. Not even for likes and comments on my Instagram photos. There`ll be nothing there that cannot wait, and, btw, the 13th is approaching fast now. I suppose I have cheated a few times, but hey – just as you shouldn`t take facebook itself too seriously, the same should go for taking a break.

Sunday 3 January

I decided to go for Instagram. I want to photograph, one picture a day, and when I post it on Instagram, I can link it to facebook at the same time without actually having to go there. Is this cheating?


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