Malta: Cactuses

See what I mean when I said since I stopped sharing things on facebook, I no longer feel as much need to share things here? We`ve now been back from Malta since a week, and I still haven`t posted a single pic.

I`m going to start with a cactus that fascinated me, and that can be seen growing wild everywhere. This is a prickly pear (Opuntia):


It actually belongs to Mexico and South America, but can be found in North Africa, Malta and parts of Spain as well. I found them breathtakingly beautiful and was pleased to read that you can actually grow them in the UK.

You can eat the “ears” (which I haven`t tried) and the fruit, which we tried as liqueur (very sweet, but probably nice in prosecco or on plain vanilla ice cream), jam (not tried yet) and plain fruit which are available ready peeled in supermarkets. I`d say it tastes somewhat like a water melon and somewhat like a pear. Probably very refreshing in summer (when there probably is no fruit), but not quite to my liking. I also saw Prickly Pear Weight Loss Pills for sale on the internet, but if it worked, I`m sure we would have heard about them before. :->







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