A Month without Facebook – Day 14 – 21

Saturday 2 January 2016

Another unexpected side effect of no facebook: I`m glad I have an excuse not to have to contact certain people and share certain things. I was somewhat concerned about this matter, and didn`t expect that this could also be liberating.

My sister has unsubscribed from a similar social networking site as she got too annoyed about the things that our mum wrote there, e.g. criticising parenting habits that she was guilty of herself when we were small.

Friday 1 January 2016

As I stopped sharing on facebook, I also feel a lesser need to share personal stories on this blog. I had wondered whether I`d want to do so more.

Thursday 31 December 2015

 Apparently, some people go out on New Years Eve even though they don`t feel like it, just so they can post pictures on facebook and show that they, too, are sociable. Somehow, I can relate to that. Although we often stay in just the two of us, I sometimes feel a slight pinch of embarrassment when I see other people`s party pictures. This year, we had friends here, and while I was preparing the food I was wondering to myself whether I would post pictures on facebook if I was on it. Highly likely, even though none of those who were coming are on it.

Wednesday 30 December 2015

I just cannot for the life of me decide whether I want an online presence or not. I`m changing my views by the hour. Maybe keeping facebook but becoming less active on it is the best option after all. Someone said most of the time, he`s just checking notifications rather than timeline, and I`m sure others would get used to me stopping to like and comment on their posts.

Tuesday 29 December 2015 

Visited Facebook today to send a few messages. I had said I was still using instant messenger, so people kept messaging me, but long messages are just too cumbersome on the tablet (where I`ve got an app which is separate from facebook).

I replied to the comments I received on my farewell message, but I resisted to write a new status update – I drafted it, saw that it was just positive things, wondered whether it could be perceived as bragging, so I deleted and felt somewhat sad about it.

Not the slightest temptation to look what other people were up to. Guess it would just be the usual Christmas photos, petitions and funny animal videos. One person is on a special holiday, but she just left.

Have a friend suggestion which shouldn`t be there. She must have been looking me up.

Monday 28 December

Contemplating my options without facebook. After my blog, I`m now thinking of Instagram.

OK, confession time. Although I`ve had an Instagram account for a couple of years, now, I never went on it much. But ever since I stopped facebook, I suddenly started to access it daily. And I`m discovering that I enjoy it much more than facebook. I always liked pictures, all kinds of pictures. There`s none of those posts which I more or less secretly consider as “pulp”. And even though one  may think that photos give most potential, I feel that there is less

Sunday 27 December


I finished this book today. It was alright, but not quite what I expected. The author, fan of Karl Marx, basically outlines why he finds the Internet capitalist and therefore bad, apart from Wikipedia and Wikileaks, which are socialist and good. It’s not that I don’t agree with many of his points, but I don`t feel strongly about any of them. My concerns are about what the mutual surveillance does to our relationships, emotional wellbeing and general lifestyle.

Saturday 26 December

I found an excellent text about dressing for Facebook,  and I’m starting to understand: I don’t feel like putting much make up on today, and I don’t lose too much thought about having a bad hair day either. I make sure I’m warm enough and chose a thin pair of tights over a bare leg picture, and actually,  I don’t have my picture taken much at all this time.

(Oh, talking about dressing for facebook – my colleague was going to two weddings and a Christmas party, for which she needed three frocks in total. All those events were with different people, but one dress for all would not have been accepteable – “It would have been, years ago, but now, with facebook…”)

I send some live pictures to my sister via WhatsApp after speaking to her, which feels much, much nicer than posting to 110 people at once, most of them probably still in Christmas mode, entirely out of context. My sister wanted to know where we were sitting,  she asked. An hour later, we were still sitting there, and I followed up with another two pics of a ginger tom strolling past us. I really like those photos, as they so nicely captured the athmosphere of the momet, but I wouldn`t have put them on facebook. Too trivial between all those highly sensational “look at me” posts; they wouldn`t have been appreciated.





4 thoughts on “A Month without Facebook – Day 14 – 21

  1. kellychristineflores says:

    Really insightful post. I too, gave up Facebook for a year, and it was great! I went back to it for a day, and realized how much I didn’t miss it after all. I do enjoy writing, and making it personal, but facebook, for me, takes up too much time, (honestly is a waste of time). A lot of the posts on there kind of get on my nerves, I had come to realize. 🙂


    • culbia says:

      Yes, that`s my main reason, too. I used to find it interesting, but people seem to be increasingly concerned about writing about themselves, so they post things which personally, I consider spam. Or self promotion. Or attention seeking. Often neither being remotely close to the truth, hence – I don`t need to know.

      Liked by 1 person

    • culbia says:

      This sounds like my friend Barbara. She, too, is off for a year, but she said she will keep it so she can use it for disseminating things like news or interesting blogs.

      I`ll not get rid of mine either, but I`ll definitely use it less. I`m feeling better already for it. If I don`t read those posts that I was referring to earlier, they won`t annoy me, and I won`t carry over this feeling into our offline relationship…

      Liked by 1 person

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