Decluttering 2016 – Day 1


Decluttering is a project that we brought from the German blogging site that I and many of my friends here come from. In recognition that most of us own too much stuff, particularly after Christmas, we will rehome one item each day during the month of January.

My shoes and clothes will go into a collection bin from the Salvation Army. Was thinking of taking it to a clothes bank for Syrian refugees, but that`s so far to drive that I just wouldn`t go. I can walk to the Sally Army bin, and they will also give to people in need. Household items, furniture, books and accessories will be donated to charity shops, some things will go to friends, some re-sold (this Monday coming!), and there`s also a lot of things which will be removed the old fashioned way, most notably old paper or items with a shelf life.

I do consider myself a minimalist and thoroughly enjoy the odd weeding out, but last year was the first time I partook in the “group excercise”. It was so fun, liberating and inspiring! Part of the fun is taking a picture of what we let go, blog it and explain why we no longer need it. The blogs are funny, inspiring and also thought provoking at times. Another aim of the project is for this to be a kick start of a year of more mindful consumption – so for us to enjoy the free space rather than go on a spending spree and replace everything.

I usually find it easier to blog a day after, so here`s what I got rid of yesterday:

  1. A pair of sparkly shoes, unworn. I bought them for £10.00 at an Indian festival, mainly because they were cheap. When I finally got an opportunity to wear them, I didn`t like them any more and bought a pricier but much prettier pair in a department store. Don`t ask me why I didn`t get rid of the cheap ones right away, but they`re gone now.
  2. Same. These are the boots I replaced with those ones here.
  3. To inspire myself to run home from work, I bought an entire second running kit, that I stored under my desk. This trainers here have become quite unsightful, so as I do own a second pair, they can go and a new pair bought in due course, if I really feel the need for having two.
  4. Three scarves I haven`t worn for 2 or 3 years. I wore the green one loads and keep the wooly hat that came with it, the second two were a mistake that I never wore much at all. I think I should finally stop waiting for that outfit they`ll be perfect for.



7 thoughts on “Decluttering 2016 – Day 1

  1. Wendy says:

    I am glad you join me again! I found it really funny every year – and sometimes it is good to have a nice laugh on yourself about the things you have and collect and did not let go for too long…

    Liked by 1 person

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