Farewell message on Facebook

I`m going to take a break from Facebook – I`m logging out for one month today. Been considering this for ages, and now seems as good a time as any other:

  • As Facebook is increasingly full of… other stuff, I`m becoming increasingly self conscious about posting the personal things it was once meant for, which means that I`m perceiving my own profile as a fake. I was so wanting to post a happy selfie when I was accepted for voluntary redundancy, but I was too concerned about what it would look like.
  • I`m curious to find out where my energy goes when I`m not working or on social media, which I don`t want to start using out of boredom. I have other plans for this energy, and I don`t want to bore you with twice daily updates on those projects, either.
  • My cats say they don`t really like the flash, and my food is almost cold by the time I finally eat it. 🙂
  • I always said I cannot take a facebook break when I go on holiday, which probably means that I should do it when I go on holiday. I am curious about how I`ll experience it without facebook in mind. The videoclip I posted last night may have stroke a chord. 🙂
  • There are people who I consider close, but somehow, we`re only ever talking on facebook. I don`t want my relationship with former work colleagues, or my friend who is moving back to Germany, to become like that.
  • Another person I email. I pour myself a glass of wine and devour her lengthy and very personal mails or take an hour and a half to write to her. This still feels like a quality relationship, and she`s in Czech Republic.
  • I dislike certain aspects of Christmas, feel overwhelmed with certain posts every year, but would feel rude not to “like” them.
  • A few weeks ago, my timeline showed a post about a stillborn baby right underneath someone else`s newborn. This was nobody`s fault and probably unique to my timeline, but I couldn`t really appreciate either.

Bottom line is that I`m finding facebook increasingly superficial, but as it is indeed the only link I have to some of you, I`m not planning to close or deactivate my account. I`ll also keep my instant messenger.

Other than that, I shall speak to you all on 13 January. Be good and enjoy the festive season! x




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