Application Frustration

I`m frustrated about one of my applications. I applied for another job with this company in late summer (no redundancy on the horizon yet, but I really, really wanted to work for them) and despite me following up with an email and two phone calls, they never replied.

When they advertised a similar job recently, they said in the advert that they would only contact you if they were interested, and if you didn`t hear from them within a week, you should assume that you were unsuccessful. I applied again, once again haven`t heard, but six weeks on, the advert was still on their website.

So I emailed again, said I was still interested and would really find it helpful to know why I was not shortlisted. Today, I received a two liner: “Thank you for the time you took to apply for this position. We will not be taking your application any further.” The wording and lack of reason almost makes me think that there was something really, really wrong with my letter or CV, and if there was, I find it even more annoying that they won`t tell me what it was.

Anyway, I won`t apply again with them. Shame. I simply love what they do, and I`m a good customer. But if they treat applicants like this, they probably are not nice to work for.


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