(not just) Facebook Bragging

A grown woman, young and slim for her age, posts a bikini photo. Another, 10 years older and in the obese range, is asking for the exact reasons for this post, adding that the former seems to be posting selfies much too regularly. She didn`t know her yet when she was big.

The same woman, who does not work, posts pictures of her immaculately kept home several times a week. As every year, she was first to show pictures of her Christmas decorations and home baking.

According to one of her working friends, she mentions a bit too often how lucky she is not to have to work and how important it is for a child to have her mum at home full time until well into teenage.

Another mother, whose weekends will usually revolve around her children, will always share live pictures of every single cocktail when she happens to go out once in a while. And then, of course, there are the selfies.

She who rarely finds the time to go out with her few friends will share a few too many pictures of her kids, and she who just cannot get pregnant will post excessive amounts of pictures of and hangover statuses after her weekly clubbing nights.

A woman who comes from very little and has married rich, and who`s conscious of her weight and will therefore not have her picture taken by the pool, will post loads of pictures of the swanky places where she ate instead. Her husband perceives those posts as bragging, but he`s had those holidays for all of his life. She however is still excited about them and doesn`t miss a single opportunity to talk about them, which annoys her colleague who hasn`t been abroad in three years.

A young lady who still resents the fact that she had to forego higher education reads highly intelligent things which she will frequently throw into conversations. She often sounds condescending when others don`t know what she is talking about.

And when someone asks the usual question about plans for the weekend, activities mentioned by one`s friends just the night before, are, without hesitation, sold as one`s own.

I know all those people personally. They can easily be seen as bragging, but if you know a bit more about them, it`s easy to realise that they are just desperate to make up for their perceived shortfalls.


9 thoughts on “(not just) Facebook Bragging

  1. sternenkratzer says:

    Ich denke, es ist normal, dass sich jeder so darstellt wie er wahrgenommen werden möchte. Das ist menschlich. Auf Facebook ist das allerdings so geballt zu verfolgen, dass es eben auch durchschaubar ist.


    • culbia says:

      Ja, eben. Melissa hat mal ueber mehrere Tage, reich bebildert, ueber den Kauf eines Diamantrings gepostet. Offline hoerte ich spaeter dass das Geld von der Versicherung kam – bei ihr war eingebrochen worden, und all ihr schoener alter Schmuck von ihrer Mutter ist weg…


    • culbia says:

      I m considering a proper break (again). I, too, feel I’m needing to be much more careful than I really want re what I’m posting so not to offend anyone. And I feel pressurised to indulge the bragging even where I really don’t want to.


      • Wendy says:

        I have a facebook-account – but I stopped posting years ago. I did not quit facebook because some friend abroad still let friends and relatives take part of their lives with facebook – so occasionally I comment something. But I stopped posting anything about me years ago, I do not expect to learn anything important from facebook and I do not visit facebook more often than once a week. I neither have a twitter account nor instagram or anything else. For a reason. And nevertheless: I have a social life, I got informations about friends and their life. Do not let facebook dictate your life or your opinions.


        • culbia says:

          It doesn`t dictate my opinions and neither does it pull me in, but it annoys me if people give themselves an image there which does not reflect the truth. Like the party girl who wants nothing more than get pregnant or this larger woman who publicly accuses the small one of fishing for compliments because she doesn`t like the comparison.

          Right now, I`ve got news, and I`m too self conscious to share them on facebook. There`s too many reasons not to, but fact is, that`s how I communicate with an awful lot of people back in Germany.


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